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Thinkific Payments is the quickest way to manage payments, reports, taxes, and day-to-day admin. You know, all the stuff that used to keep you up at night.

"TCommerce makes all the admin easier—when someone misses a monthly payment I can just click the “retry” button instead of having to un-enroll the student from the course and then ask them to rebuy the course membership. I can also refund payments with one click.”

Katja Swift, CommonWealth Herbs  


Combine your payment, selling, and content creation tools with TCommerce — 


What is TCommerce? 
TCommerce is our suite of selling and business management tools designed to help you reach more students, scale, and streamline your business. Once you have set up your account with Thinkific Payments, you will instantly gain access to the suite of features that TCommerce has to offer!

TCommerce includes Thinkific Payments (our integrated payment processing), new selling tools, and integrated bookkeeping tools. Everything you need to manage and scale your business is now accessible within Thinkific. 

What countries do you currently serve?
TCommerce is currently only available to creators in the USA, Canada, and the UK. 

Why can’t you roll out to all countries right away?
We'd love to be able to turn on TCommerce to all countries tomorrow! However, due to the nature of payment security and different countries' requirements surrounding payments and taxes, we’re taking a phased approach to ensure the solution is compliant for each new country.

Why did you choose to roll out to Canada and the USA first?
Canada and the USA were enabled first due to Thinkific’s demand of Thinkific’s creators being primarily within these countries.

What countries will you roll out to next?
We will be prioritizing countries with the highest number of creators, including Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

When can I expect to get information about TCommerce availability for my country?  
We will be sending an update to all creators regarding your country and TCommerce availability in Fall 2022.

What is the transaction fee for using TCommerce?
Thinkific Payments is the payment processor that powers TCommerce. The fees are the exact same as Stripe. For a full breakdown of fees for Canada, USA, and UK creators, 
click here.  

What features do I get if I switch to TCommerce?
The following features are exclusively available to creators on TCommerce: Thinkific Payments (Thinkific's integrated payment processor), Order Bumps, additional digital wallet pay options (like Google Pay & Apple Pay), and collection of student location details at checkout to aid with tax management and reporting.

Can I get Order Bumps or Wallet Payments without being on TCommerce?
No you can't, these features are exclusive to TCommerce. You have to be on TCommerce to access Order Bumps and Wallet Payment options.

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TCommerce is going global and will be expanding to your country very soon.

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TCommerce is currently only available to creators in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

We have a large team committed to making TCommerce available in more countries as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

If you'd like to stay updated on the product availability for your country, please share your email and we will reach out with updates over the next couple of months.

Integrated Bookkeeping

Built-In Selling Tools

and unlock the power of TCommerce


Save valuable time

Transform leads into customers

Set up Thinkific Payments and get access to TCommerce, a robust suite of sales tools - Order Bumps, options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and faster checkout page speeds — built specifically with creators like you in mind.

Sell (way) more

Make bookkeeping a breeze

With easy-to-use bookkeeping tools for payment tracking, transaction reports, and tax admin built right into the platform, you’re able to manage and understand your business’ financial info in one central spot — no accounting degree required. 

Simplify bookkeeping

and conquer the next stage of your business growth. 


to unlock the power of TCommerce



to unlock the power of TCommerce


TCommerce is going global and will be expanding to your country very soon.


Get product updates right to your inbox.