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My name is Reilly from Thinkific. And today we’re talking about how entrepreneurs in these six industries use online courses as a new source for generating revenue from their existing skills and content. Now generating new scalable revenue is the number one reason that people create online courses. This is the simplest use case, you create an online course once, and people buy it over and over and over again.

Of course there’s a lot more that goes into it which we cover in detail in the Guide linked below. But that’s the allure of creating an online course as a digital asset. It doesn’t cost much to produce it’s cheap to distribute, there’s no shipping costs. Now everything that I’m talking about here is actually part of this massive post found on our blog. We will cover this as well as giving you a step by step guide to creating and selling your online courses. We cover everything from choosing your topic to pre-selling to creating that course content to hosting and marketing your finished course. So please check this link to download this guide.

So let’s get into our list.

#6: YouTubers
Now Youtube has historically depended on ad revenue, however with all the video content they create packaging it into an online course is easy. This allows them to generate a much higher income than what they can get with ads. Sunny Lenarduzzi is an expert in youtube marketing. As a consultant she help companies grow their YouTube channel, and today she teaches others to do the same with her YouTube for bosses course.

#5: Bloggers
Now bloggers publish posts that are free to read on their sites and they previously monetize their blog with banner ads and affiliate links, and now they’re realizing that creating an in-depth course is a more natural and lucrative way to monetize. Danny Iny started the popular Fire Pole Marketing blog to share his knowledge of marketing. And after rebranding to Mirasee he started creating and selling online courses to monetize his audience.

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#4: Podcasters
Now podcasters are leaving the sponsorship model in favor of selling their own online courses. This allows them to monetize their audience without interrupting their shows with advertorials. John Lee Dumas has built one of the most popular business podcasts and is earning six figures through sponsorships. Recently he created a course on podcasting because of all of the questions he kept getting.

#3: Authors
Authors are augmenting their diminishing book revenues by creating follow on courses. These courses are a natural extension of the concepts that they cover in their books. Dorie Clark is a bestselling author and personal branding expert. After the success of her books she took it to the next level with her Recognized Experts Course.

#2: Speakers
Now speakers who have hit a ceiling with the number of speaking gigs they they can take on are creating courses to scale past that barrier. Many of them actually speak for free because they can make it back and more with the resulting core sales. Michael Port has been giving keynotes across the world for the last 15 years. Now he’s taken the traditional keynoting off of his plate so he can focus on making a bigger impact with his online courses.

#1: Coaches and Consultants
Coaches and Consultants who have reached capacity and can’t trade more time for money are scaling up by creating courses as digital complements to their coaching. Mari Smith is the leading expert on Facebook marketing consulting for countless companies to scale up. She shares her knowledge of marketing via her online course. If you have a skill or a passion or an audience or some content that people want selling it as an online course is a great way to generate revenue.

And that was how entrepreneurs in these six industries use online courses as a new source for generating revenue from their existing skills and content. If you like that content share the link. Subscribe. And if you want to learn more about turning your expertise into an online course check out or the link below.

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