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Alethea Tuitahi Cloud Executive Services


CloudXS is where design meets tech. We specialize in helping coaches & consultants deliver their school, course, or membership program to the world. With done for you Thinkific site, course setup and launch support.


Ready to scale your efforts and finally publish that course or program?

We’re here to help you receive 5 stars on both look and delivery. Using Thinkific, we’ll make your program or course stand out from the crowd with our expert design.

We know you’ve spent late nights and early mornings developing the perfect course or program. We know you care about your student’s experience. And, we know you may have uttered a word you would spell out in front of your 3-year old when that error message popped up… again.

No worries, we won’t tell, and we’re here to help!

With done for you Thinkific site, course setup and launch support we can’t wait to help you get your course out into the hands of your students.

Ready to chat? Send us an email today!

A couple things to keep in mind prior to booking our call:
-We typically book projects a couple weeks in advance.
-Pricing depends on a few different elements, so after we discuss your project we will create your custom quote.