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Building an incredible team for an incredible purpose

Helping people see the lasting change that education can make on their business, their audience, and the world could seem like a tall order. But we’re getting there by hiring the most brilliant, caring, and hardworking people.

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Our team values

Succeed together

We build on each other's strengths to make every project awesome.

Be helpful

Whether it's for our customers or for each other, we always make time to help.

Choose ethics and integrity

We choose to do what's right, always.

Fanatical about customer success

We do everything in our power to help our customers succeed.

Give a shit

We always put 100% into everything we do.

Learn and grow

We're always seeking to develop ourselves personally and professionally.

Passionately debate

We dialogue it out, and share our opinions and experiences so we can all gain perspective.

Strive for equality

Nothing works unless we're treating each other with r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

Be healthy and happy at work

We believe in building a team that's cared for, well-rested, and worldly. These aren't 'perks'. This is how you should always be supported at work.

Vacation in the Philippines
Sarah relaxing in the Philippines

Open vacation policy

We're big proponents of sand, sun, and taking time to recharge. As long as you're getting your work done and keeping your team supported, take vacation when you need it.

Flexible work environment
Marin in a work from home groove

Flexible work environment

Slot in as much face-to-face time with your team as you can, but otherwise enjoy our guilt-free work from home policy. Because sometimes you do your best work in slippers.

Education resources and self improvement
Our team at Social Media Marketing World

Education resources and self improvement

Interested in a book, a conference, or a training program? We've got you covered up to $1500, no questions asked. (Need more? Our people leaders work with you to ensure you're taking advantage of opportunities you want).

Yoga with Eric, our support champion
Yoga with Eric, our support champion

Competitive benefits package

Our benefits include coverage for health, vision, dental, prescriptions, various paramedicals, and up to $2000 for your mental health. Our Employee and Family Assistance Program will also take care of you, providing everything to support your well-being.

Meet one of our Future Thought Leaders
Meet one of our Future Thought Leaders

Parental Leave

We care about helping you grow your career AND your family. Family is important to us, and our paid parental leave gives you a little extra help while you're beginning this new adventure.

Thinkific Soccer Team
Thinkific Soccer Team

We actually hang out

A team that has fun together, stays together. We're into boat parties, hackathons, and celebrating everything from Canada Day to Brazilian Carnival. We also value the chiller times, like playing board games and kicking a soccer ball around.

Tucker and Gronk on Pride Day
Tucker and Gronk on Pride Day

The Bow-Wow Benefit

Office dogs. Plural. Meet them on Instagram at @dogsofthinkific.

We love supporting women in tech.

51% of our team is proudly female!

Be confident being 100% yourself

We believe that a wealth of different perspectives and backgrounds are what makes a company great. Thinkific welcomes all team members (and candidates) regardless of race, gender, orientation, sexual identity, economic class, ability, disability, age, religious belief, or status.

We can't wait to meet you!

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