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Time to Value

Get your program up and running in a few weeks so you can stop churn in its tracks, and prove value quickly.

Ease of Use

A robust, proven, flexible learning platform that’s also remarkably easy to use — for admins and learners.

No Launch Fee

$0 fees to get your program launched.

AI Powered

Work smarter, not harder - tap into a suite of AI-driven tools built to help you reach your goals faster.

ROI You Can Prove

Data and analytics that provide actionable insights into key program results that fuel your bottom line. 

Sticky in Your Tech Stack

Connect Thinkific Plus to the tools you already have — and trust — for an integrated, seamless experience.

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Trained and empowered employees that drive business growth.

Investing in your team’s growth not only benefits individual career advancement but also drives engagement, retention and business results for your organization.

Revolutionize training processes by empowering employees with tailored learning experiences and essential tools to excel in their roles. Thinkific Plus is a comprehensive solution for seamless onboarding, upskilling, sales enablement, and talent development. 

The Procurify team

15+ hours/week saved in onboarding time

On Thinkific Plus, Procurify saves 15+ hours a week by taking employee training online.

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Track learner progress with Completion Certificates

Easily generate quizzes based on lesson content, along with assignments, exams, and certificates to gauge—and recognize—students’ progress.


Resources for Success

Thinkific Plus is used by hundreds of companies looking to scale the impact of education on their business results. Hear directly from our users and learn how they’ve leveraged our platform to engage, grow, and retain their own customers.

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  • Scaling education at Hootsuite

    Hootsuite educates 500,000 students and customers on how to use social media with Thinkific Plus.

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  • Chargebee trains 5,000+ students on Thinkific Plus

    Chargebee teamed up with Thinkific Plus to train 5.400 students across 20+ countries through their Subscription Academy.

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  • Group of people working together at a desk
    Faster time to value at PayShepherd

    PaySheperd cut onboarding time by 75% and saved hundreds of hours with Thinkific Plus.

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  • Schudio surpasses 50,000 enrollments on Thinkific Plus

    With Thinkific Plus, Schudio serves 500+ schools with 60+ courses to achieve more than 50,000 enrollments.

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  • Streamlined employee training at Procurify

    On Thinkific Plus, Procurify saved 15+ hours a week by taking employee training online.

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Other use cases

Train customers at scale

Boost customer activation and retention with online education that streamlines onboarding, product training, and support.

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Generate revenue at scale

Create, market, and sell online learning products – all on a single, flexible platform that will never hold you back.

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Nurture leads at scale

Convert leads into brand advocates by providing high-value education at every stage of your sales funnel.

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Educated customers are loyal customers

Talk to one of our experts to find out how Thinkific Plus can help your team launch customer experiences that drive revenue and retention.

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