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Create beautiful courses using templates and our drag and drop builder that make websites look custom without the need for designers or coding.


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We built our platform—and our reputation—around delivering learning experiences that keep students engaged. With Thinkific Plus you can offer learning experiences from courses to communities, and leverage features that legacy systems often lack like rewards, notifications and even your own mobile app.

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Designed to delight. Engineered to engage.

Engage learners with quizzes, surveys, and gamification. Customize their journey with drip content and personalized learning paths , boosting completion rates with rewards and motivational messages. Plus, get a branded mobile app built by our team, featuring push notifications so your audience can access courses and learning communities anytime, anywhere.

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“The Thinkific team has been so responsive and very kind helping me through everything I’ve needed to set up my Branded Mobile app. We’re amazed that the set-up happened so quickly!

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Sensory Integration Education
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Designed for heroes of customer success

Help your customers — and your business — grow with customer education. Thinkific Plus has supported thousands of mid and large-scale companies exceed expectations to win customers for life.

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Scale your business with online learning

Browse Thinkific’s Blog to learn more about top online learning trends and news, and how our platform is helping hundreds of organizations drive results. Discover how Thinkific Plus can help amplify customer engagement, retention and revenue for your business through the power of online learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People love Thinkific Plus for its robust scalability, user-friendly interface, and powerful features that make it easy to deliver exceptional learning experiences at any scale. With Thinkific Plus, organizations can host and manage their educational content seamlessly and gain insights through comprehensive analytics to improve learner engagement continually. Our dedicated support and enterprise-grade security features further enhance the user experience, making it a top choice for companies serious about delivering impactful education.

To build a strong business case for a learning management system (LMS), focus on its tangible benefits to your organization. Highlight how an LMS like Thinkific Plus can reduce training costs, increase employee or customer engagement, enhance compliance and retention, and provide measurable ROI through detailed analytics. Emphasize the system’s ability to streamline content delivery and administration, which frees up valuable resources and allows your team to focus on strategic goals rather than administrative tasks.

Thinkific Plus is ideal for mid-sized to large enterprises or fast-growing companies that require a scalable solution to manage and expand their online learning programs. Whether you’re looking to train customers, educate clients and partners, or monetize your organization’s expertise, Thinkific Plus offers the flexibility, security, and support needed to manage complex learning needs across various industries, including technology, healthcare, education, and e-commerce.

Absolutely! Thinkific Plus supports the creation and management of your e-learning content and enables you to monetize it effectively. With features like secure payment gateways, subscription models, course marketing tools, and promotions management, Thinkific Plus provides everything you need to sell your courses and maximize revenue from your educational content.

With Thinkific Plus, you can fully white-label your learning platform to reflect your company’s branding. Customize the appearance of your site, including logos, colors, and domain, to provide a seamless brand experience for your learners. This capability ensures that your learning platform functions effectively and aligns perfectly with your brand identity, enhancing credibility and learner trust.

Educated customers are loyal customers

Talk to one of our experts to find out how Thinkific Plus can help your team launch customer experiences that drive revenue and retention.

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