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Grow Your Revenue

Design one-time offers, bundles or subscriptions, and increase your average order value by personalizing them with coupons and order bumps.

Multiple Ways to Pay

Create flexibility for customers by offering Buy Now and Pay Later, Apple pay, and in-app purchases via your own branded app.

Bulk Purchase Checkout

Unlock B2B selling by giving your customers the choice to purchase their desired number of seats.

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Monetizing education made easy with TCommerce

Generate more revenue faster with the platform designed to help businesses market and monetize their education products. Leverage Thinkifics built in payment processor, TCommerce, your all-in-one solution for advanced sales tools, seamless payment processing, and effortless tax management so you can simplify and grow your business  — all with 0% transaction fees.

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Leave sales taxes to us so you can focus on what you do best.

Calculating taxes is hard. The rules constantly change, and they're different everywhere. What's worse is that if you make an error, it takes hours of your own time or hiring an accountant to sort it out. Thinkific's new Sales Tax Solution takes all the hard work off your plate by calculating, collecting and remitting sales tax for your U.S. and Canadian sales, where applicable.


Resources for Success

Thinkific Plus is used by hundreds of companies looking to scale the impact of education on their business results. Hear directly from our users and learn how they’ve leveraged our platform to engage, grow, and retain their own customers.

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  • Scaling education at Hootsuite

    Hootsuite educates 500,000 students and customers on how to use social media with Thinkific Plus.

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  • Chargebee trains 5,000+ students on Thinkific Plus

    Chargebee teamed up with Thinkific Plus to train 5.400 students across 20+ countries through their Subscription Academy.

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    Faster time to value at PayShepherd

    PaySheperd cut onboarding time by 75% and saved hundreds of hours with Thinkific Plus.

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  • Schudio surpasses 50,000 enrollments on Thinkific Plus

    With Thinkific Plus, Schudio serves 500+ schools with 60+ courses to achieve more than 50,000 enrollments.

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  • Streamlined employee training at Procurify

    On Thinkific Plus, Procurify saved 15+ hours a week by taking employee training online.

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Scale your business with online learning

Browse Thinkific’s Blog to learn more about top online learning trends and news, and how our platform is helping hundreds of organizations drive results. Discover how Thinkific Plus can help amplify customer engagement, retention and revenue for your business through the power of online learning.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Customer Success

    A customer success strategy is all about helping customers achieve their goals.

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    Customer Education 101: How To Kickstart Your Program

    Have your customers hit a roadblock in maxing out your product’s potential?

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    Optimizing Customer Success through Customer Education Strategy

    Reduced churn, customer retention, product adoption, and customer success.

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    SaaS Renewal Management

    Discover effective strategies and best practices for SaaS renewal management.

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    8 Free Customer Success Certifications and Training Programs

    Free customer success certifications and training programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Thinkific Plus integrates seamlessly with Stripe and PayPal at checkout. We also support integrations with Shopify, CheckoutJoy, and other eCommerce solutions through our App Store and API or Zapier. For integrating external payment solutions, see External Payment Solution: What to Consider.

Thinkific's TCommerce includes comprehensive global features like sales tax handling, multi-currency support at checkout (coming soon), and diverse payment options. Discover more about TCommerce features here, TCommerce: Powered by Thinkific Payments.

No, Thinkific does not impose any fees for translating product listings into different languages.

Educated customers are loyal customers

Talk to one of our experts to find out how Thinkific Plus can help your team launch customer experiences that drive revenue and retention.

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