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Learning a critical element of your tech stack

Tailor your student experience, seamlessly integrate to existing tools, and unleash the potential for richer data and custom apps with Thinkific Plus, built to scale and grow with you and your business.

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Do more with 100+ best-in-class apps

Connect Thinkific to the tools you already have — and trust — for an integrated, seamless experience. With built-in integrations like Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and MailChimp, you can effortlessly sync customer data to create and track your marketing funnels from start to finish. Explore our Thinkific App Store to supercharge your marketing and sales efforts to drive growth for your business.

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Scale with Thinkific as you grow.

You always have the option to extend our platform to meet your needs — now and in the future. Thinkific’s New API empowers you to build the student experience you want. Unlock limitless customization and control over your data with Thinkific's API—tailor your student experience, seamlessly integrate existing tools, streamline your workflow through automated backhand management and unleash the potential for richer data and custom apps.

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Case Studies

Designed for heroes of customer success

Help your customers — and your business — grow with customer education. Thinkific Plus has supported thousands of mid and large-scale companies exceed expectations to win customers for life.

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Scale your business with online learning

Browse Thinkific’s Blog to learn more about top online learning trends and news, and how our platform is helping hundreds of organizations drive results. Discover how Thinkific Plus can help amplify customer engagement, retention and revenue for your business through the power of online learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinkific Plus supports a wide array of integrations. To learn more about how to connect your Thinkific instance with an ecosystem of applications and extend your Thinkific experience, see this Thinkific Apps and Integrations article on our Help Center.

Thinkific Plus supports a wide array of integrations with no additional cost from Thinkific, though some third-party apps may require a subscription.

Yes, Thinkific includes various e-learning content authoring tools and supports third-party content through our Multimedia Lesson feature. We are also on track to become SCORM compliant. Explore e-learning content options in our app store.

Not at all! Our platform is designed for easy use, allowing you to install apps from our App Store and use Zapier for integrations without needing a developer. Our team of vetted Experts is ready to help if you require specialized assistance.

Yes, Thinkific offers extensive public API options for various functionalities, including administration and authentication. For more details, check our developer documentation.

Yes, Thinkific supports Single Sign-On (SSO) options exclusive to Thinkific Plus users and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security for Site Owner and Site Admins. Learn more: 

  1. SSO Option 1: OpenID Connect SSO
  2. SSO Option 2: Custom SSO
  3. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Educated customers are loyal customers

Talk to one of our experts to find out how Thinkific Plus can help your team launch customer experiences that drive revenue and retention.

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