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Publish your course

Want to accelerate your e-learning setup and design deliverables with the assistance of our top-notch Course Creation Experts? 

If you’re migrating your learning materials from another platform, have existing content but need help repurposing it into a course, or are unsure of how to design your curriculum to best suit your students’ needs—these Experts are your go-to folks for your content migration, course setup, and curriculum design needs. 

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Design your website

Want to amplify your business’ presence by unifying digital assets and differentiating your site from the rest by leveraging our vetted Site Creation Experts?

If you require assistance in creating your website and course landing page, are looking for a highly customized site experience, or need help bridging your existing website and course landing page—these Experts specialize in site setup, web development, and website design.

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Enroll students

Want to boost your course sales and have your students coming back for more by utilizing our esteemed Market & Sell Experts?

If you’re wanting to drive more relevant traffic to your online course, looking to attract leads and turn them into paying customers, or wanting to level up with a brand refresh—these Experts are the cream of the crop when it comes to ramping up your marketing, customer acquisition, and branding efforts.

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Customize your course

Want to expand the capabilities of your online courses by connecting your existing systems and favorite tools to Thinkific with the support of our skilled Technical Implementation Experts?

If you’re needing a one-off API solution built to solve a technical problem, wanting to implement SSO to easily log your students into Thinkific, or looking to integrate with other tools in your tech stack—these Experts have the technical chops to get the job done!

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