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Selling that feels simple and authentic for those who live to teach

Selling knowledge products differs from selling a commodity or a pair of shoes. You need tools that help you foster relationships, establish trust, showcase products in the way you intend, and turn your students into lifelong learners. Supercharge your impact with powerful education-focused selling tools that are embedded into Thinkific.

Raise awareness Icon
Raise awareness

Thinkific helps you attract new students with coupons and promotions, reach larger audiences with Groups, and find more students by connecting with webinars and blog apps in the Thinkific App Store.

Build interest Icon
Build interest

Ensure your products are packaged to suit specific learning needs and create an irresistible offer with bundles and subscriptions.

Complete the sale

Create education-focused websites, landing pages, and sales pages that showcase your offering in the way you intend. Plus, an optimized checkout makes it easy for your students to say yes.

Create lifelong learners Icon
Create lifelong learners

Thinkific provides an all-in-one platform so you can keep your students engaged with subscriptions and communities that enhance the learning experience.

Grow faster with a marketing toolkit that is designed specifically for you

With Thinkific’s integrated tools, you can spend less time on mundane tasks and more energy on where your passion lies—building your learning business.

Generate revenue

Spread your knowledge faster with powerful education-based selling tools that actually work.

Save time

Built-in tools that are easy to use, so you spend less time on marketing and admin—and more time developing products and teaching.

Authentic selling

Selling tools that feel natural and authentic to educators. No spammy offers or gimmicky tactics!

+ Supercharge your growth with TCommerce

Sell more while managing less with even more integrated marketing, payments, and bookkeeping tools. Learn more about the TCommerce package.

More features to check out

Create Amazing Products

Turn your knowledge into learning products that command attention, create excitement, and delight learners with our curated collection of tools and features. From online courses and communities to live events and personalized coaching, you can do it all in one place with Thinkific.

Grow and Scale

As your business needs grow, our apps and tools help you market your business and seamlessly build online programs that scale with your customers, employees, and partners. You’ll get the flexibility and reliability you need, when you need it.

Engage With Your Learning Community

Enjoy the convenience of having one place to build and grow your learning community. Our Communities feature complements your online course offerings with exclusive members-only content, live lessons and events, and coaching.

You get total control over your content and business insights into your target audience, while your students get an even better learning experience. It’s a win-win.