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Focus on selling your learning products, not managing them

Thinkific was designed for entrepreneurs aiming to make money selling courses and other educational products. We make it easy to manage your business in less time with payments, orders, and subscriptions all in one place. The battle over disorganized business processes ends here.

Integrated payment processor Icon
Integrated payment processor

Manage your payments, subscriptions, sales, and refunds all in one place with our integrated payment processor.

Checkout optimizations Icon
Checkout optimizations

Accelerate the checkout experience and move your customers to a purchase decision faster with our streamlined checkout process.

Order Bumps

Enhance your customer experience by suggesting complementary, value-add products that will enrich their learning experience.

Tax and bookkeeping tools <i>(Coming Soon)</i> Icon
Tax and bookkeeping tools (Coming Soon)

Streamline bookkeeping tasks by having key financial reports conveniently accessible within the Thinkific platform.

Generate revenue, not extra work

With Thinkific Payments’ integrated tools, you can spend less time on mundane tasks and more energy on where your passion lies—building your learning business.

Save admin time

Reduce time on administration, subscription management, bookkeeping, and taxes with integrated tools—all in one dashboard.

Promote your products

Turn more leads into customers—and grow revenue from existing students—using tools specifically designed to help you make money selling courses.

Simplify your business

Access your learning, marketing, selling, and payment tools on a single platform, consolidating all your essential tools.

More features to check out

Create Amazing Products

Turn your knowledge into learning products that command attention, create excitement, and delight learners with our curated collection of tools and features. From online courses and communities to live events and personalized coaching, you can do it all in one place with Thinkific.

Grow and Scale

As your business needs grow, our apps and tools help you market your business and seamlessly build online programs that scale with your customers, employees, and partners. You’ll get the flexibility and reliability you need, when you need it.

Engage With Your Learning Community

Enjoy the convenience of having one place to build and grow your learning community. Our Communities feature complements your online course offerings with exclusive members-only content, live lessons and events, and coaching.

You get total control over your content and business insights into your target audience, while your students get an even better learning experience. It’s a win-win.