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Experts Course Setup Dr. Carrie Rose

Dr. Carrie Rose Ofcourse


We help purpose-driven entrepreneurs make a massive impact by showing them how to create some of the most engaging online courses in the industry.

Co-founder of The Online Course Success Summit sponsored by Thinkific.


We Understand.

Building an online course that is powerful and impactful that will be loved for years is hard work. That's the truth. We understand, and it's even more challenging to do when you don't know who to turn to in order to deliver the right results.

We believe that it starts with the right intention.
If your goal is to build an asset that will drive revenue and grow your business, we say that's a great goal but it's not enough.

Only 3-5% of people that buy online courses actually complete them. Simply put, as an industry there is more work to be done.

That means that 95% of the people that purchase your program will never get the change they hoped for when they found your message, nor will they get the opportunity to go deeper with you and truly change their lives.

The question is what can we do about it? Our answer, we need to make courses better.
Making your online courses more consumable will make a difference for you, your audience, and your business.

Let's talk about it.

If you think building a course might be for you and you want to know how we can best help you, please contact us.