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Jaime Slutzky Tech of Business


Never let technology stop you in your tracks again.

You didn’t start your business to spend hours fighting with your website, Thinkific, email marketing and making them all work together. I know it’s hard not to feel frustrated when technology woes make your work grind to a halt. There are so many tech tools at your disposal, but how do you choose which to use without becoming overwhelmed?

That’s where I come in. I partner with music teachers & creative educators like you to help break down technology barriers so you can spend your time building your business, not struggling with tech. We’ll explore the best options for you and your business — and I’ll be there every step of the way for implementation, launch and post-launch troubleshooting.

My passion is making tech accessible to self-proclaimed non-techie business owners! Since leaving the corporate world in 2011, I’ve helped businesses run more efficiently and become more profitable by developing solutions that are fully customized and integrated, so my clients understand not just how it works, but why it works.

I have been working on the Thinkific platform since 2016. I chose Thinkific for three reasons:
1) The student experience inside courses is unparalleled
2) The ability to customize the aesthetics of themes (even before Site Pages was in its current form!)
3) They are based in Vancouver, and while I don’t live there anymore, I was born and raised there and I was thrilled to be able to support and work with a local company on such a profound level.

My goal is to help you gain control over their tech AND feel confident in using it!

And if you’re ready to take that next step and start getting your tech under control and working for you? Let’s do it.


I’ll help you determine the right tools, services and platforms to make your business thrive online. And, as a self-professed techie, an experienced coder and integration specialist, I do whatever it takes to make the pieces come together — so you can stop struggling and start working within your zone of genius!

I provide custom Site Build Outs using the Thinkific Page Builder plus custom code base to make your vision for your Thinkific School a reality.

I work only with accounts at the PRO level (with or without the GROWTH package). I provide a deep level of integration between your other online tools and your Thinkific school and this is the level you need for that synchronicity.

Projects are booked 4 weeks to 3 months ahead of start date and start at $2500.