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Patrick Ollawa Levered Company


Hi, I am Patrick Ollawa. I am the Co-Founder & CEO of Levered Company. We are a business digitization & management consulting firm focused on helping underestimated entrepreneurs bring their physical resume to a digital world through online course creation and funnel marketing systems.


Our service is a complete done-for-you course creation and marketing systems. From developing your course idea to executing the creation and running a customized marketing strategy to maximize profitability at course launch.

We provide a strategic consultation call to design a course MAP that breaks down a customized approach for any client to plan, build and launch their course to profits in 30 days.

Some of our detailed services includes:

Course framework design
Course setup
Curriculum design
Site & Integration setup
Website design
Course design mock-ups
Content research
Content creation
Sales pages
Customer acquisitions & funnels
Presentation design
Video editing
Webinar marketing
Email marketing