Take the pain out of payments

Manage your business from one convenient place, all with Thinkific Payments.


Thinkific Payments is built to streamline your business

Fewer Tools to Manage

Admin Made Simple

Built-in Selling Tools

Accept payments with Thinkific

Accept payments, process refunds, and manage payouts all from your Thinkific Dashboard. 

There’s no need to click between multiple pieces of software—everything you need to manage your business is now in one convenient place. 


Less time on admin, more time on courses

Thinkific Payments makes your day-to-day admin tasks a breeze—process refunds with one click, or pull your payout report in seconds.

 Everything is smoother and streamlined.


Sell more with Order Bumps

Suggest complementary products to your customer in the checkout. This marketing strategy is a great way to add more value and increase average order value. 

Order Bumps are integrated into Thinkific Payments and can be turned on with 1-click. 


"Thinkific Payments makes all the admin easier—when someone misses a monthly payment I can just click the “retry” button instead of having to un-enroll the student from the course and then ask them to rebuy the course membership. I can also refund payments with one click.”

Katja Swift, CommonWealth Herbs  


Streamline your tools, simplify admin, and accelerate your sales today


Common questions

How are order bumps different from after purchase flow?

Order Bumps are offers presented directly in the checkout which your customer can add to their existing order with one click. Your customer buys two products instead of one product, and there is only one transaction.  After purchase flow, on the other hand, are offers presented to the customer after they complete payment.  It is a separate transaction. Learn More.

Does it cost money to migrate to Thinkific Payments?

NO! Thinkific Payments is free and available on all plans. 

What does Thinkific Payments include?

Our new built-in payment processor and exclusive access to order bumps.  

Do you migrate over past sales data? What happens to my subscriptions?

30-60 days after setting up Thinkific Payments, your current subscriptions in Stripe will automatically be migrated over to Thinkific Payments. Your students will notice no change in their subscription post-migration, with no interruption or change of payment schedule. Past sales data will not migrate over, but you will still have access to it via the Stripe Dashboard. Data for transactions that take place after switching to T-Payments will be available via Thinkific. In your Thinkific Admin, you’ll still see past orders that were processed via Stripe.  

Will it be more expensive than Stripe? 

Thinkific Payments will cost the same as Stripe. There will no changes to your transaction fees. 

Is Thinkific Payments available to all Creators? 

Thinkific Payments is currently only available to Creators who have their businesses based in the US or Canada. We are working hard to expand our reach, prioritizing those Countries within which we have the highest concentration of Creators. These include the UK, Australia and much of Europe.

How easy is it to switch over to Thinkific Payments?

Super simple! You can set up your account from within your Thinkific admin dashboard, under settings. Setting up an account requires that you capture some details about your business as well as the bank account into which your payouts should be paid. Once done, your Thinkific Payments account is verified and any payments received from that point onwards are processed through Thinkific Payments.

Who can redeem the Promo Kits App? 
All Creators who setup Thinkific Payments between Feb 28th - April 15th will receive Promo Kits App for Free ($199 value). 
Learn More.

When do I receive Promo Kits App & how can I redeem?
Once you setup Thinkific Payments, on April 20th, Thinkific will send you instructions on how to enroll & get access to the Promo Kits App.


More Questions?


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Setup Thinkific Payments before April 15th to redeem.