Last week I shared with you that updated pricing plans were coming soon and today I’m excited to share with you exactly what’s changed.

…But before I jump into that, I also want to remind all of our existing customers that if you’re happy with your current pricing plan, you’re welcome to stay on it for at least two years. UPDATE FOR CLARITY: At 2 years, you still won’t be forced to switch plans, you can keep your old plan even then if you wish. 

We’re adjusting pricing to better align with where our customers find value. We support entrepreneurs in growing their business in a low-barrier way to start and want to even better support scaling those businesses into the future.

To see the updated pricing grid, head over to the Pricing Page and for more information, check out the Pricing FAQs.

In updating Thinkific pricing we focused on three main areas:

1. Increase access to high growth features on a scalable basis so more customers can use them
As successful course creators grow with us there are specific features that are super valuable to them in supporting more (or more complex) students. Previously, many of those features were only available in our Advanced ($279) pricing package and above.

To better support course creators scaling their business, access to those industry-leading features is now available on an as-you-grow basis so you don’t have to jump right into a higher-cost monthly package.

The Growth Package is free up to 100 students and includes:

  • Webhooks
  • Advanced Zapier
  • Groups
  • Brillium integration
  • Infusionsoft integration
  • API
  • Remove Thinkific branding
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Bulk Emails
  • Active Campaign integration

2. Reduce transaction fees that customers find frustrating
Customers love that with Thinkific they have instant access to their funds, but have been frustrated by paying transaction fees. Starting today, customers on our new plans won’t pay any Thinkific transaction fees.

3. Continue to provide a way for new course creators to get started for free
While we always want to support course creators who’ve built a thriving business, we also want to support those starting out, monetizing their audience for the first time. To that end, we still have a free plan where entrepreneurs can get started and see success in growing their business.

As mentioned above, the Free plan now has no Thinkific transaction fees, plus you can still accept Paypal and Stripe payments for your courses.

The updated pricing plans were designed to better match how people grow their online business with Thinkific, but rest assured if you’re happy with your current plan you’re welcome to stay on it for at least two years. At 2 years, you still won’t be forced to switch plans, you can keep your old plan even then if you wish.We so appreciate your choosing to partner with us to grow your business.

– Greg Smith
CEO & Founder, Thinkific

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