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George Levy, the founder of Blockchain Institute of Technology in Miami, Florida, has harnessed the power of Thinkific to revolutionize education in blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. 

When he first heard about blockchain, he thought it was a tool that would change the world—and he realized that few people were teaching it. 

He spotted an opportunity to both learn blockchain and then share his knowledge with others. “I got together with some of the main people in the space and started building online courses,” he tells Thinkific, noting how the process of becoming a teacher forced him to become an expert in the space. 

With a vision to empower individuals with essential insight, Levy’s journey with Thinkific began in 2017 when he launched his first course: Speak Blockchain. After building a dedicated audience, he was able to evolve and expand his platform; now, he has 12 courses. “Thinkific has been there every step of the way,” Levy shares. “It’s a tool that has allowed me to amplify what I want to do.”

Since starting his online institute, he’s taught senior level people at the Central Bank of Curacao, Ernst and Young, the World Bank, and Fannie Mae. Further, he has earned over seven-figures via his Thinkific courses. The key piece of his online course success? Harnessing TCommerce tools to allow for easier transactions, affiliate marketing, and international growth. Here’s how he did it:

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  1. He chose Thinkific over other Learning Management Systems

Levy considers himself a big consumer of courses; since he deeply values continued learning, he frequently takes online education programs. 

When he was choosing an online course platform to host his Blockchain Institute of Technology courses, he thought about which platforms spoke to him the most out of the courses he’d taken. Thinkific stood out. 

“I liked how the whole process on Thinkific could be self-contained,” he says. “People could self-take the courses and at the end, Thinkific would automatically issue learners a certificate.”

“Thinkific is a one-stop shop solution, which is why I fell in love with it,” adds Levy. “It gives you so many options.”

  1. He leveraged TCommerce

Since the launch of TCommerce, Levy decided to leverage the technology and use it as his payment processor for his online courses. 

He loves its ability to offer different payment options; he allows for one-time payments for his smaller courses, and offers installment options for his higher-ticket courses—which are priced between $5,000 and $10,000. These payment installments are made possible with the ability to integrate Buy Now Pay Later services like Affirm, Afterpay, Clearpay, and Klarna with TCommerce.

“Offering the ability for learners to make payments over time helps a lot,” he shares. “Not everyone can put $10K on their credit card at one time.”

Since using TCommerce, Levy has noticed a smoother, more simple checkout process among his learners—helping his audience stay satisfied and lessening the burden of administrative help on his end.  “Thinkific payments does all of the payment processing seamlessly,” he says. 

  1. He used affiliate marketing

Part of his strategy in building an audience has included collaborating with other influencers and content creators. By having them help him sell his course as affiliates, they gain a profit and he makes more sales; it’s a win-win for everyone.

“TCommerce enables me to be able to share revenue with my affiliates via the Revenue Partner feature and not even have to worry about the details—it’s all handled by Thinkific,” explains Levy. This also helps him to simplify his bookkeeping process. 

Aside from affiliate marketing, Levy built his audience mainly via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and his podcast, Crypto and Cookies. Further, his team runs paid ads on 

Facebook, YouTube, and Google. He also runs free courses and webinars to act as  lead generators; once he has people’s emails, he then contacts them later to sell them paid content. 

He suggests that course creators try to be in multiple online places at once. “That way, when people think about your topic, they think of you,” he advises. 

  1. He built an international audience

Since launching online courses, he’s taught students from over 190 different countries. “Once you build a community around what you’re teaching, there is so much opportunity,” he shares. 

As a lead generator, he encourages people to download the digital version of his book, The Most Understandable Blockchain and Bitcoin Book You’ll Ever Need. As they’re reading the book, they get a taste of what it is that he does. Then, they’re invited to one of his free courses, where again they can get a taste of how he teaches before being given an opportunity to buy a course. He also bundles his courses, which offers learners a discounted price. 

Levy believes that teaching an international audience is made possible with Thinkific Payments. “The beauty about Thinkific is that it actually adapts to international ecommerce,” reveals Levy.“Thinkific is able to service all the different clientele across the world; even though I’m based in Miami, the platform has opened up a whole new world for us.”

Although he has a global audience, his primary market is the United States. Thinkific’s ability to automate sales tax helps him to stay compliant with the regulatory requirements across different states. Following the US, he has a heavy following from India, Canada, and Latin America. 

  1. He remained consistent with his vision

According to Levy, the success of an online course depends on being consistent. “You can’t just set it and forget it,” he says. “You have to be consistent with your outreach and communication.”

If you have the willingness to be consistent and dedicated to your vision, he believes that you will go far. “When I launched my first course, I never thought I’d be here,” Levy reveals. “I’m very grateful.”

“If you have something in your heart that you want to get into the world, I encourage you to go to Thinkific, put your first course out, and run with it. You never know where it’s going to take you—and the world will be a better place because of you.”

Interested in leveraging TCommerce features to launch your own online course business? Don’t wait—sign up for Thinkific (for free!) and see where it takes you.

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