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Yasaf Burshan Team Genius


Unleash your productivity with Team Genius!

My team and I are here to empower you by keeping in your zone of genius, doing what you do best: create, teach, and lead.

We live tech 24x7 and our mission is to empower creators by removing all technical hurdles out of their way. Want to launch an online course with Thinkific? We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Need to integrate Thinkific with other tools in your business? Count on us to make it work. Team Genius is growth-oriented and we work with Thinkific users on the pro + growth plan and above. We enable our customers to automate their businesses by helping them choose the right tools and by setting up effective systems that support rapid growth and scale.

We would love for you to join us.


Digital Strategy Consulting Services

We help you choose and set up the best tools to run your business efficiently. Our consultation services will enable you to deliver exceptional results through your digital channels.

Highly Converting Sales Funnels

Your sales funnels are the most important part of your marketing strategy.

We will create uniquely thought-out funnel processes to enable high converting funnels based on the best innovative strategies to reach your target audience.

As a result, your sales funnels will help you achieve high-quality leads, higher conversion rates & fewer exit rates.

State-of-the-art Thinkific Services

We provide a well-crafted Thinkific experience that sets you up for success.

Our team specialises in setting up stunning Thinkific sites, with multi-courses and membership programs that boost your business customer retention.

Together, we will plan your overall Thinkific strategy and deliver clearly measurable impact to your audience.

Thinkific Integrations and custom solutions

Do you want to push Thinkific to the limits and raise the bar? No problem.Finding custom solutions and integrating Thinkific with other market-leading tools to provide a custom breath-taking experience for your audience is our expertise.

WhatsApp and Chatbots Integration

Automate your entire business with customer related tasks, business tasks & marketing automations through WhatsApp and Chatbots Integrations.

Business Automation & integrations

Automation is our passion. We keep looking for innovative ways to boost productivity, save time and costs by automating our customer businesses. This allows you to better create and grow on a global scale.