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My agency works 100% on creating signature Thinkific experiences every single day. My goal is to make every member of yours, love what you do, consume everything you have and want more from you!! We have created full learning platforms for Thinkific Plus level clients like Hootsuite. We also have worked with over 100 entrepreneurs and marketers, many of them are the top revenue generating sites using Thinkific. I want your members and your business to get the most out of using the Thinkific platform as possible.


Signature Experiences
We will analyze what your e-learning or membership offers are and design a Thinkific experience that is focused on increasing member satisfaction, success rates, retention and upsell opportunities. Your Thinkific site will not only deliver a higher perceived value by being on brand, but it will also help your business grow.

Membership Sites
It's all about Retention. We have worked with over 100 Thinkific clients generating the top revenues on Thinkific and have learned the key ingredients to keeping your members happy. There are many types of membership models and we will start with understanding how you are running yours so we can create an experience that matches perfectly. Typically it will include:
- An on-boarding page to give your members a quick win and a personalized "next step"
- Learning tracks to keep your members focused and not overwhelmed
- Event calendar so you members know what is coming up in the future (and not want to cancel)
- Integrated community and access to "Live" streams
- Help Center so your members can get unstuck instead of cancelling
- Notification bell that gets near 100% open rate that could be used for just about anything
- Tons of retention strategy tips for you to use throughout the year

Multi Course Sites
Turn your member dashboard into a sales funnel by showing courses that they have not enrolled in. Chances are if they like one course from you, they will want another. Why not make it easy for them to find "what's next for them to buy from you."