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Streamlined Payments

Discover an easier way to manage payments

TCommerce is the quickest way to manage payments, reports, taxes, and day-to-day admin. You know, all the stuff that used to keep you up at night.

"I was using a third-party tool for my sales page and another platform to process my payments. I had to figure out problems myself. It was so complicated and draining for me to manage so many tools."

Mina Irfan, Universe Guru


Combine your payment, selling, and content creation tools with TCommerce — 


What is TCommerce? 
TCommerce is Thinkific's suite of selling and business management tools designed to help Creators reach more students, scale, and simplify their life. Once you've
set up your Thinkific Payments account, you will instantly gain access to the suite of features that TCommerce has to offer! 

What does TCommerce include?
TCommerce includes Thinkific Payments, our new built-in payment processor, as well as exclusive access to selling tools like Order Bumps, Wallet Payments like Apple/Google Pay, checkout enhancements, integrated bookkeeping, 
and more.  Everything you need to manage and scale your business is now accessible within Thinkific.

Is TCommerce available in all countries?
No, TCommerce is currently only available in the USA, Canada, and the UK. We are going global and are expanding to more countries every month. 
Learn more here.

How is TCommerce "powered by Thinkific Payments?"
Creators are required to set up Thinkific Payments in order to get instant access to TCommerce and the suite of selling tools.

Does it cost money to migrate to TCommerce?
No, migrating to TCommerce is completely free and included in all plans.

Is Thinkific Payments more expensive than Stripe?
Thinkific Payments will cost the same as Stripe. There will be no changes to your transaction fees. 
Learn more here.

Is switching to Thinkific Payments difficult?
Not at all! You can easily set up your account under the settings in your Thinkific Admin Dashboard. Simply fill in the requested info about your business and the bank account where you’d like payments to be made. Once set up, any payments received will be processed automatically through Thinkific Payments. Learn more about setting up Thinkific Payments here. 

Can recurring payment (subscription or payment plan) priced products be added as an Order Bump?
Yes, a product priced as a subscription or payment plan, can be added as an Order Bump. Order Bump offers can be added to products priced as a subscription or payment plan. 

What is the transaction fee for using Apple/Google pay?
The fee is exactly the same as card payments processed through Thinkific Payments today. These payments are "seen" and processed like a typical card payment by Thinkific Payments. 

Can Google/Apple Pay be used for all pricing types?
Yes, all products and pricing types (one-time, subscriptions, and payment plans) can be purchased by students through their Apple Pay / Google Pay wallets. 

What will happen to my subscriptions and past sales data?
Don’t worry — 30 to 60 days after setting up Thinkific Payments your current subscriptions in Stripe will be migrated over automatically. Post-migration, your students won’t notice any changes or interruptions in their subscriptions or payment schedules.

While past sales data won’t migrate over, you’ll still have access to your information directly through the Stripe Dashboard. Data for any transactions that take place after switching to Thinkific Payments will be available via Thinkific. To view past orders that were processed with Stripe, see your Thinkific Admin dashboard. 

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Streamline your business by bringing your payment, selling, and content creation tools together in one powerful place.


The battle over disorganized business tools ends here.

TCommerce is the suite of business management tools you need to supercharge your impact.

When you set up TCommerce, gain instant access to tools that support everything from processing student payments and subscriptions to automating upsells and tax reports. Spend more time focusing on creating and teaching — and less on managing the mundane.

Integrated Bookkeeping

Built-In Selling Tools


Save valuable time

Transform leads into customers

Get instant access to new selling tools like Order Bumps, options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and faster checkout page speeds — all built specifically for creators like you in mind.

Sell (way) more

Make bookkeeping a breeze

With easy to use bookkeeping tools for payment tracking, transaction reports, and tax admin, you’re able to manage and understand your business’ financial info in one central spot — no accounting degree required. 

Simplify bookkeeping

and conquer the next stage of your business growth.





Streamline your business by bringing your payment, selling, and content creation tools together in one powerful place.


The battle over disorganized business tools ends here.

Easily manage payments: Accept payments, pause subscriptions, and manage payouts— all within your Thinkific dashboard.

One-click controls: Cancel a  student payment or process a refund with one click.

Retry failed transactions: Automatically retry failed subscription payments—ensuring you don’t miss out on any sales.

Sell more with Order Bumps: Suggest complementary products in the checkout—improving your sales by 5.36%.

Optimize for mobile: Increase your checkout conversion rate and become mobile friendly with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Faster checkout time: Delight customers with a faster and smoother checkout experience.

Generate reports quickly: Access your Payouts  and Transactions Report with one click.

Collect location data: Collect student location data in the checkout to claim accurate sales tax.

Integrate with Quickbooks (coming soon!):  
Automatically bring your Payout Reports into Quickbooks —cutting down on manual data entry.