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We’ve got 4 new features to tell you about this week, and all are things you’ve been asking us for so we’re happy to share!

Our goal is to continually improve the student experience and their learning outcomes, while making it easier for you to administer and deliver your courses.

  Site Wide Promotions

Now, instructors can create coupons that apply not just to a single course, but your choice of a group of courses or even your entire site. Huzzah! These coupons give you the ability to offer things like a free course of the coupon holder’s choosing, or a percentage off any course in your catalogue. The promotion ideas here are almost infinite! Details here.

  Pass / Fail Quizzes

Quizzes are intended to solidify student learning, and you now have the option to show a percentage grade and require a specific score in order to pass. Students will be unable to complete the course until they get a passing grade. Details here.

  Student Notifications

We’ve given you more control over what emails your students automatically receive. Now you can turn off automated student notifications from the system. Find the new options in your dashboard under notifications.

  Private Courses

Marking a course as private allows a published course to remain accessible to existing students, but require new students to contact you for enrollment. This is PERFECT if you want to close enrollments on a course, ensure students meet certain criteria before they join, or do a VIP launch of an upcoming course. Details here.

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