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Providing students with a great experience is a no-brainer — the more successful your students, the more likely they are to recommend your courses, and purchase additional content from you.

But once you have your course content locked down, what can you do to provide a next level student experience?

With the launch of Webhooks in Thinkific, those of you with developers on your team can instantly push data about your students directly into many of the other tools you use to interact with students as soon as it happens.

(If you’re already thinking “Shut up Gary, show me how!” and calling a developer over to your desk, have them check out the Documentation here » )

…but if you’re want a glimpse at some of the great things you can do with that data, read on!

You can use the 7 webhook triggers in different ways depending on your use case, but here I’m going to focus on user sign-in and and enrollment progress because in combination they allow you to create some super targeted messaging in your CRM, Marketing Automation, or messaging platform.

Encourage course progress

By monitoring course progress, particularly in combination with last sign-in, you can create messaging to re-engage students who become inactive, or get stuck.

Your messaging triggers might look something like:

  • [Course Name] progress is greater than 0% but less than 100%
  • Last sign-in was more than a week ago

Drive upsells

Upsells are most effective when your students are happy, and you’ve set context. Two great opportunities for this are when you have related content *during* your course, or your student completes your course.

For a completed course, your messaging triggers might look something like:

  • [Course Name] progress is 100%
  • [Upsell Course] progress is undefined

(The latter trigger ensures you don’t upsell a student a course they’re already enrolled in)

Provide Additional Content

Not everything you provide your students fits perfectly into a course format, and you can provide additional content (eg. PDFs, checklists, link to book a call) when students most need it using course progress.

Your messaging triggers might look something like:

  • [Course Name] progress is greater than 34%

These are just some examples of how you can use webhooks to provide a great student experience beyond your course content. I’d love to hear (in the comments below) what you do to make sure your students are succeeding.

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