Receiving a certificate upon completion of a course is an important part of learning culture. Whether it’s the certificate earned to mark a childhood milestone or the one you are handed when you walk across a university stage, certificates in education are universal.

And now, we’ve brought certificates to the online world for Thinkific courses!

Certificates allow course creators to automatically deliver an official, secure, and verifiable certificate of completion to students who have completed their course.


Certificates can be combined with our new Pass/Fail Quizzes to ensure that students have successfully mastered core concepts in order to complete the course.

  • Automatically generated upon course completion
  • Digital certificates are verified and secure
  • Certificates can be shared directly to LinkedIn
  • Certificates look professional, adding credibility to your program
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Certificates are a feature exclusive to our Premium and Professional plans. Ready to set up your certificate? Full details in our knowledge base here.

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Hi What sort of abonnement must I have if im going to give certificates for completing courses. Im thinking of making courses were people can take the tests three times – and all quizes must have like 80 persent passing rate to get the certificate. And do thinkific have templates… Read more »