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Built-In SSL for all Thinkific course sites

Your car just broke down and you need to get it fixed.

You head to the nearest mechanic and they give you a quote.

But how do you know if you can trust them?

Is it a look in their eye? A handshake? Service medals on the wall?

If they get it wrong, you’re unlikely to stay, but if they get it right, you’re likely to convert, and recommend them to your friends.

While you’re not always able to provide in-person trust-building cues for your courses, building trust with your audience has never been more important.

If people trust your brand (source):

  1. 50% will pay more for your services; and
  2. 83% will recommend you to others.

With people’s trust in businesses generally on the decline, it’s no small task to set about building that trust, but thankfully there are some key trust indicators that (not unlike service medals, or a solid handshake in the mechanic example) can quickly help.

Enter SSL

SSL, aka Secure Sockets Layer, is an industry standard security protocol for establishing an encrypted link between a web browser and the server – meaning that all data passed between them remains private. Importantly, when the connection is secure, your visitors see a green lock the word “secure”, and “https” in their browser bar:

https in url


A whopping 9 out of 10 visitors are more likely to trust a website if it displays security indicators like these, but how do you make sure your courses are served securely?

Traditionally, adding SSL to your site meant going through 1 of 2 painful processes: one complicated, the other costly.

You could sign up for a third-party tool like CloudFlare and spend time adjusting confusing DNS settings, or you could purchase your own SSL certificate and apply that to your site.

But now, with easy, built-in SSL, all your Thinkific content is automatically served securely. You read that right, with Thinkific you get all the advantages of serving your visitors secure content, and you don’t have to do a thing!

Because Thinkific takes care of all the details for you, you can focus your time on building great content for your audience – deepening their trust in you – instead of messing about with DNS records, or third-party SSL providers.

Google also rewards secure serving

In addition to building trust with your individual visitors, serving your content securely is also rewarded by Google as part of their efforts to make the web a safer place for everyone. Google also recognizes that users continue to expect more and more of companies with respect to security – the future of the web is more secure interactions.

In 2014 Google announced that secure serving via HTTPS was to become a ranking signal. While only a lightweight signal for now – giving everyone a chance to switch to more secure serving – Google has indicated that they’d like to continue encouraging people to make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

How to turn on SSL for your Thinkific site:

To secure your Thinkific site with SSL, follow the instructions here.