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We are a digital media service company offering online course creation, consulting & training, studio-less podcast production, and managed tech support to support your brand and transition your audience into one place of engagement and community.


London Bridge offers various solutions for your online course ideas. We can build from scratch, or go with material you may already possess. We can literally take your idea, skill, passion, or message, and turn them into an engaging online course. London Bridge offers a variety of plans you can choose from for your online course creation. We are also skilled and credentialed with the Thinkific platform, which all our clients use to host their online courses. As robust as this platform is, we take care of all of the nuances, so you can focus on your award winning engaging online educational content!

When it comes to turning your idea into an online course, we offer the following:

​Technical Project Management Approach (We review your needs, we design your vision, we do all systems integrations needed to make your online course a success, and we are there from beginning to launch).

Technical Writing (If you have written content, we can edit, format and prepare it to be e-course ready. Or, we can also write material suitable for your online course needs).

Online Course Creation

Online Course Curriculum Building

Online Course Instructional Aides (PowerPoint Presentation Creation)


Flyers To Promote On Social Media or Email Marketing.

If you want to take control of your own online course creation, but you desire someone to walk you though it, we are here! Consulting practices are for those clients who desire to learn while they create. We will walk you though setting up your site, system administration, marketing, content building, and more! Our consulting services can be made to fit whatever need you have. During our sessions, you will be walked through how to set up your platform, branding, course curriculum building, content creation, system administration, creating the sales landing page for your course, marketing, and any other questions you may have.

Have you thought about doing a podcast to go along with your brand or products? We have an in-house team that can take care of your podcast production needs from beginning to end, without you having to ever enter a recording studio, and we provide podcast consulting.