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Rebecca Cuevas Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.


I help creative experts and entrepreneurs design powerfully transformative online courses using my proprietary research-based Course Design Formula®.

You are welcome to schedule a free strategy session to discuss your vision and goals for your project.

Depending on your preferences and needs, we can work together through coaching and/or through the Course Design Formula® Master Course.

Coaching options include a single 2-hour session, cost-saving multi-session packages, and customized coaching and consultation tailored to your exact specification and needs.


I specialize in helping creative experts, authors, and entrepreneurs turn their complex ideas into highly effective and engaging online courses that deliver deep transformation.

I will work with you every step of the way to clarify your vision for what you want your course to accomplish: the difference you want it to make in the world.

From there, we will determine the exact type of learning needed to help your course participants achieve that learning goal.

I'll work with you to structure your course in the way that works best for the specific type of learning it contains.

We'll use learning design techniques that make each of your lessons come to life by gaining and holding learner attention and maximizing learner engagement.

There are two main ways you can work with me:

1) Take my Course Design Formula® Master Course.

The course runs for 14 weeks and includes self-paced highly interactive action plans to guide you through each step of setting up your course. We also meet for weekly live group coaching sessions to provide you with ongoing support as you build, launch and deliver your course.

You can join a specific course cohort and go through all 14 weeks in sync with the group, or you can join anytime and proceed at your own pace.

Once you are part of the Course Design Formula® community, you will have ongoing access and can refresh your skills or develop additional courses in the future.

2) Schedule private coaching with me.

Start by booking a free strategy session where we will explore your vision and goals for your project. Together, we will determine the type of coaching structure that will work best to get your project done.

Options include:

  • Individual 2-hour long coaching sessions that you can schedule on an as-needed basis

  • Cost-saving multi-session coaching packages

  • Customized long-term coaching and/or consulting that we will plan together to accommodate the specific needs of your project.

My specialty is taking complex design projects that feel overwhelming to create, and making them clear, elegant and easy to present in an online format. This includes courses, presentations and workshops that you may have been teaching in a face-to-face setting, and now want to teach online in an equally dynamic and engaging way.

My focus is on you and your project. Each project is unique! So the best way to get started working with me is to schedule a free one-hour strategy session on my calendar.

From there, we will decide together what will work best for your needs, to create a highly elegant and effective online course (or series of courses) that expresses your unique vision and does justice to your expertise. I look forward to working with you!


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