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Experts Course Building Sophie Higgins

Sophie Higgins


With 20+ years of experience in education and thought leadership, I empower professionals to expand their businesses and create online courses and corporate training programs globally. As a learning expert with three Master's Degrees and a background in teaching, consulting, and management, I simplify complex concepts and improve learning outcomes. I offer coaching, curriculum development, technical support, and marketing guidance to help turn your passion into a profitable online course.

Let's work together to establish yourself as your industry's thought leader.


I have a project package description that explains the different levels of support I provide and an information packet that gives background information. I take my clients through 4 phases:

  • Idea clarification to ensure an excellent customer market fit Content creation

  • Develop the course with the end goal in mind

  • Help them structure the course in Thinkific and get ready for launch or prelaunch

  • Launch and prepare for a relaunch with a customer experience funnel with free lead magnets and build out their offer with other services, such as coaching to create upsells