Appearing on podcasts can secure your message and give you a massive reach.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of podcast shows out there that need your voice! By appearing as a guest speaker or interview subject on those shows, you can extend your reach into the hundreds of thousands. Learning how to effectively manage your podcast outreach program is an essential tactic for any course creator’s marketing plan.

The How to Promote Online Courses on Podcasts video series offers five videos on how course creators can multiply their outreach efforts by tapping into podcast show audiences that align with their message.

This video series will cover:

  • How to find top podcasts in your subject matter to get interviewed on
  • Reaching out to podcasts to secure a spot on their show
  • Positioning yourself as an expert to be interviewed
  • Giving a great interview once you get booked
  • Ways to promote your online course to podcast audiences using Thinkific

Get ready to learn how you too can appear on your favourite podcasts to provide value and get noticed. Watch the playlist below!

Video #1: How To Find Top Podcasts To Get Interviewed On

Video #2: How To Contact Podcast Hosts to Request an Interview

Video #3: How To Get Booked As An Expert On A Podcast

Video #4: How To Give A Great Interview As A Guest On A Podcast

Video #5: Promoting Your Course on Podcasts Using Custom Landing Pages