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New Online Course Reviews with Thinkific

We’re excited to announce our latest feature release – course reviews!

Students are now able to review and rate your courses from their student dashboard, or even from within the course player itself.

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What are some of the benefits of course reviews?

Having reviews enabled for your courses will allow you to:

  1. Easily gather student feedback – reviews will help you to find out from your students what you’re doing well, so you can do more of the same! Likewise, if there’s anything that could be improved upon, reviews are a great way to figure this out to make improvements to your courses.
  2. Build trust with potential students – as many as 80% of us look to reviews when buying online, and potential students for your courses will be no different. Reviews act as social proof that your products are genuine and trustworthy because others have purchased them before and had a positive experience.
  3. Use good reviews as a selling point – a high star rating is an instant and universally understood selling point for a product. You can set reviews to appear publicly on your course landing page, to help seal the deal with new purchasers.


Sounds great! How do I start gathering course reviews?

It’s as simple as enabling reviews from the Reviews page of your admin dashboard. Students will then be able to submit a review by selecting ‘Rate this course’ from their student dashboard or the course player.

You will be able to choose whether to ‘Approve’ submitted reviews to have them appear on your course landing page, or to keep them as private feedback.

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If you’re looking for further information on managing course reviews, check this article on our knowledge base.

Happy reviewing!