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At Thinkific we are constantly trying to make your online courses better, and today we are very excited to share our newest feature with you. Drip Release Content is here!

What is Drip?

Drip Release Content gives you the ability to pre-schedule the delivery of your course content over time.

Why would I want to drip release my content?

  • Getting all the course content at once can be overwhelming for students – drip release allows you to delay the release of content so students can learn at the pace you intended. You can even give them assignments to complete while they wait for the next piece of content to be released.
  • If you charge a monthly subscription – drip release content gives students a reason to return to your course over and over to access new content. This means they’ll keep their subscription to your courses for longer, and you can create new content over time rather than having to have it all ready at the beginning.
  • Drip content is also a great way to market other products or services. You can slowly release valuable content to your clients over time – building student’s perception of your brand and their trust in you, as you build long-term relationships with your students. Students are more likely to take courses and make purchases in the future from people they know and trust.
  • Improved course success: I’ve been using drip content to increase the sales of my own online course and I’ve seen my sales more than double due to drip content.
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How does drip release work?

Drip is extremely simple to use. Simply:

  1. Create your course
  2. Add your lessons
  3. Set a schedule for your content

That’s it!

drip_screenshot2I’m ready to get Drip Release Content!

  • If you’re a member with one of our paid monthly plans, you already have access! Head to your dashboard to try it out.
  • If you are not yet a Thinkific customer or if you’re on our Free plan, get Drip Release (and all our other awesome premium plan features!) by upgrading to one of our monthly or yearly subscription plans.