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It’s the 8th of March, marking the time of the year to celebrate International Women’s Day!

This day highlights the importance of elevating women and supporting the fight for equity. It is celebrated worldwide as an occasion to pause and recognize how far women have come despite facing deep-rooted cultural, economic, and social obstacles.

It’s also a great chance to celebrate all the trailblazers who’ve repeatedly broken barriers, shown the power of believing in oneself, and inspired generations to stand up to oppression. 

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International Women’s Day 2023: “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”

The United Nations (UN) assigns a theme to this occasion each year in their quest to empower and celebrate women and girls. This year they’ve outlined it as “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.”  

This is aligned with their broader agenda for driving innovation and technological change and expanding education to achieve gender equality in the digital age. The year’s featured hashtag is #EmbraceEquity, which recognizes the differences between genders and socioeconomic status, but strives to achieve an inclusive, equitable, and diverse world. 

So where exactly do women stand in innovation and technology in 2023?

Historically speaking, the journey toward gender equality in technology and innovation has been challenging.  Just 10.9% of women hold leadership and CEO positions in the tech industry – definitely room for improvement there!

Thankfully, the continued efforts of women’s rights activists and corporate decision-makers are making strides toward greater equality. Companies like Cisco and Microsoft are extremely vocal about their push to employ women in tech and focus on diversity at senior levels. 

The gaps are slowly closing, and women have made significant strides in business, innovation, and technology. 

Let’s celebrate women’s achievements in business – check out the video below. 


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The numbers in this video show that we’re certainly on the right path. However, a holistic approach, plan, and swift action is needed from every powerful individual and company to increase women’s representation. This plan should include:

  • Being intentional about involving women
  • Making policies for actively hiring and investing in women
  • Giving women a platform and a voice that can help them establish themselves

At Thinkific, we take pride in empowering women to become digital creators and monetize their skills and expertise using technology. Our platform hosts several successful female coaches, online course creators, and thought leaders. It enables them to become tech solopreneurs and clock in inspiring revenue numbers with their talent. Some examples include:

  • Ellie Diop monetizing her knowledge to recover from personal challenges with Online academy Ellie Talks Money
  • Latrina Walden changing the culture of nursing by helping students pass their board exams with flying colors
  • Kat Norton or Miss Excel launching a six-figure online course business leveraging creativity, mindset techniques, and social media 
  • Professional photographer Katie Evans teaching others how to take professional photographs.

Examples like these can inspire women to become business owners and consultants and add to the positive statistics related to women’s achievements. 

We encourage you to add your voice to the conversation with the hashtag #EmbraceEquity!

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