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The Complete Toolkit To Creating A Learning Community

In this free , you will learn:
  • Free Online Course: Building a Thriving Learning Community
  • The Complete Checklist for Starting a Community (PDF)
  • Community Content Swipe Files (PDF)
  • Buyer's Guide for Community Builders (PDF)

Download The Complete Learning Communities Toolkit: Download Now

1. Free Online Course: Building a Thriving Learning Community

Getting students to talk with one another—and with you—in an online community can be a super powerful way to boost engagement, course completion, and satisfaction. When your students are talking to each other, it means less work for you. You get to facilitate conversation rather than manically responding to every, single, message. It also helps create more perceived value for your new and existing courses. And all of that can have a big impact on your revenue. Start the course.

2. The Complete Checklist for Starting a Community (PDF)

Get the A-Z steps for starting, launching and building a thriving community with our complete checklist

3. Community Content Swipe Files (PDF)

When you’re setting up your community, there are a few touch points that will require some snappy writing (e.g. the welcome email, your first posts, the community description, etc.). On top of that, while moderating, it’s best practice to save a few ‘canned responses’ to make responding quick & easy (especially to those really spicy comments).

This swipe content can help you shortcut your way to community launch day.

4. Buyer’s Guide for Community Builders

Starting and running a community space for your audience is a lot of work. Let’s take the guesswork out of what tools you should use to help build and run your community.

This is our ultimate list of resources and tools for community builders. Enjoy!