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If you’re looking for a flexible and customizable online training software that you have full control over, Thinkific is for you.

Since its inception, Udemy has been notorious for running promotions with large discounts on their courses. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to promote courses at 80% or even 90% off to their database of customers. In doing so, they’ve basically trained their customers to never pay full price for a course. Instead of paying full price, most customers simply wait to receive an email with a promotion before making a purchase.

With Thinkific you’re in control.

In this article, we’ll explore the differences between Thinkific and Udemy.

Thinkific vs Udemy and other online course platforms

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Thinkific is a leader in Online Learning Platform on G2Thinkific is a leader in Small-Business Corporate Learning Management Systems on G2Thinkific is a leader in Small-Business Corporate Learning Management Systems on G2Thinkific is a leader in Online Learning Platform on G2



online-course-builderCustomizable look and feel

With Udemy, you’re stuck with how the course and landing page will look. You’re tied into their system. On Thinkific you can match the look and feel of your business.


White Labeling

Look professional and host your courses on your own domain, with no reference to Thinkific. You’ll add trust and authority to any size business.


Flexible Pricing

Don’t be limited by your platform. Thinkific allows you to charge the way you want: one-time payments, a payment plan, or flexible recurring payments.


Transaction fees

Udemy takes up to 50% of your revenue when hosting your courses with them. The most Thinkific will take is 10% if you’re on our free plan. Move up to business and pay no transaction fees to Thinkific.


Own your student data

Be in control of your customers, and their data. If you want to send them emails about a similar offering, go for it! On Udemy you don’t own that data and can’t grow your business outside that course.


Instant access to funds

On Udemy, you’re usually waiting 2-3 months before you get money in your account. With Thinkific, you are getting your money right away.



Thinkific’s new App Store is the first of its kind in the online education industry. You can easily access and integrate professional tools to enhance the functionality of your online courses with our course creation toolkit. No technical expertise is required!

The sky’s the limit with Thinkific. Not only do we have great integrations with the most popular software, but we also have a great Zapier integration. If you’re looking for something really custom, we also have Webhooks and a well-documented API.


Drip Content

Grant access to more course material based on the date they signed up, or from the date the program started. Also as a bonus, Thinkific has pre-requisite lessons and courses as well.



Thinkific has lots of tools and features to create and grow an engaged community. There’s a reason why some of the biggest names in the industry such as Lewis Howes and Grant Cardone run their membership sites on Thinkific.


Udemy vs Thinkific Comparison Table


Pricing$39 / monthFree
Transaction Fee0%Up to 50%
Customer Support
Student Experience
Send Personalized automated emails to your studentsYesNo
Student progress reportingYesNo
Quizzes, Surveys, ExamsYesYes
Built in Student DiscussionYesYes
Course reviews (social proof)YesYes
Multiple InstructorsYesNo
Storyline, Captivate and moreYesNo
Voice over presentationsYesYes
Completion certificatesYesYes
Marketing & Sales
Free, Paid and SubscriptionYesNo
Access your funds instantlyYesNo
Coupons & PromotionsYesYes
Upsells & BundlesYesNo

Bulk sell courses, manage students and track progress of the students in the group

Advanced Marketing Integrations (ie: Mixpanel, InfusionSoft, etc.)YesNo
Affiliate programYesYes
White LabelingYesNo
Unlimited Courses, studentsYesYes
Drip ContentYesNo
Time-Limited CoursesYesNo
Prerequisite lessons and coursesYesNo
Bulk import course contentYesNo
Bulk Student Import / EnrollmentYesNo
Site Builder – Drag and Drop Page designerYesNo
Themes and Color pickersYesNo
Easily add externally hosted content & appsYesNo
Custom DomainsYesNo
Private / hidden coursesYesNo
MailChimp IntegrationYesNo
Landing Page, Sales Page Custom HTML/CSSYesNo
Multiple Course/Site AdminsYesNo


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We hope you’ve found this comparison of Thinkific vs Udemy useful. Features and support are constantly changing! This analysis was accurate to the best of our knowledge as of August 2021