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Learn how to turn your video content into engaging Instagram stories to help grow your audience and sell more online courses.

Do you have a ton of video content, but no idea how to repurpose it to grow your social audience on Instagram? Learn how to edit your videos into the perfect Instagram Stories to help you grow your audience and increase sales for your online course.

Watch our free video with Taylor Loren (@taylor.loren), Head of Marketing at Later, on how to turn your video content into Instagram Stories that help boost your online course sales.

Why use Instagram Stories?

A lot of online course creators have relied on Instagram to build their audience and attract loyal followers for their business.

Here are some of the main reasons why online course creators (and entrepreneurs in general!) are using Instagram Stories:

  • To expand your reach (over 400 million people watch Instagram stories every day)
  • They’re an effective (and free!) way to increase engagement
  • They’re great for online course creators that want to repurpose their video content
  • They’re great for building personal relationships and with your followers
  • You can save your Instagram stories to your Instagram profile’s highlights

How to record and edit vertical videos

If you don’t already have video content that you want to repurpose as Instagram Stories, then your first step will be to record some new video content. For Instagram Stories, this means recording vertical videos.

Here are 3 ways you can record vertical videos:

  1. Record vertically with your DSLR
  2. Record wide and then crop your videos
  3. Record natively using your phone

Once your videos are recording, the next step is to edit them for posting as Instagram Stories.

Here are 3 ways you can edit your videos:

  1. Edit them on your phone using a video editing app (ex. Bolt or InShot)
  2. Edit them on your computer (ex. iMovie or Flip)
  3. Use a professional editing software (ex. Adobe Premiere)

How to repurpose your existing videos for Instagram Stories

Repurposing content refers to the process of using a single piece of content for more than one purpose. As an online course creator, for example, you’ve likely spent a significant amount of time creating video lessons for your online course. These are videos that can easily be repurposed into short Instagram stories to help promote your course.

If you’re in the middle of creating your online course, you can use that time to record your video lessons and Instagram stories simultaneously.

Here are a few ideas for creating Instagram stories videos that can be used for promoting your online course:

  • Create Instagram stories to share your “behind the scenes” process for creating your online course
  • Edit clips from your course content to create short trailers with a CTA (Call-To-Action) to sign up for your course
  • Create “teaser” stories with your existing course content
  • Use apps like Storeo to create a series of continuous Instagram stories

How to turn Instagram Stories videos into ads

Instagram is one of the newer platforms available to advertisers, which means that advertising costs are still relatively inexpensive compared to other platforms. If you’ve been thinking of advertising your online course using Instagram, right now is the best time to start doing this!

Here are two quick tips to help you get the best ROI (Return-On-Investment) from your Instagram Stories ads:

  • Keep your videos casual. Try not to create videos that look like ads!
  • Try carousel stories ads (these give you more time to share your message with viewers)

To learn more about how you can use Instagram Stories to promote your online courses, check out Later’s Instagram Stories for Business course here. If you’re looking for a tool to help manage your Instagram account, sign up for Later for free.

Are you a video content creator looking to launch an online course? Be sure to download our free guide below on the first five steps you should take to get started!