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You have a unique vision for how you want to present your content, engage your students, and build your business. Apps help you discover solutions to extend your course platform to best address your students’ needs—no coding required.

Connecting apps to your Thinkific account empowers creators like you to tailor your student experience to the specific needs of your audience and the requirements of your subject matter, with simple and easy-to-implement solutions.

In this blog series, we’ll introduce you to some of the most powerful apps you can find in the Thinkfic App Store, so you can discover and connect the tools you didn’t even know you needed—until now that is!

Student Experience Apps

How your students feel about their learning experience is critical. It can affect their completion rates, their likeliness to refer your course to friends, and their probability of becoming loyal followers of your brand. 

Here are some amazing apps that will help you increase student engagement with a world-class in-course experience.

  1. Intercom
  2. Lessonspace
  3. Motrain
  4. Community Box
  5. Hello Audio
  6. Zoom
  7. Accredible
  8. plaYEAH!


Connect Intercom

Manage student communications and inquiries in one place.

Gone are the days of switching tabs and constantly searching for students and their courses during conversations—this app brings your student data directly into the conversation.

This is for you if...
  • You have a lot of students
  • You want to save time managing students and prospects
  • You know and love Intercom already
It will help you...
  • Automate your business processes
  • Support and manage your students with ease
  • Convert and enroll students in your courses directly from Intercom


Connect Lessonspace

Create interactive and collaborative multimedia lessons.

Effortlessly launch your live 1-on-1 or group sessions directly from one platform—no need for your customers to download a separate app or create another account.

This is for you if…
  • You want to improve learning outcomes for your students with learning tools tailored to their needs
  • You teach complex topics
  • You teach to live digital audiences
It will help you...
  • Engage and support your students with a variety of innovative learning tools like whiteboards, integrated video chat, and a document and code editor
  • Upsell live lessons and 1-on-1 mentoring to your students
  • Stand out by offering tailored teaching techniques for your students


Connect Motrain

Incentivize your students with gamification.

Skyrocket your course enrollments and completion rates with your own personalized rewards store.

This is for you if…
  • You are looking for ways to motivate and reward your students
  • You want to build loyalty among your students
  • You want to increase student referrals
It will help you…
  • Increase your students' engagement by adding gamification elements with personalized rewards program tied to learning
  • Access marketing tools designed to attract students and promote your program
  • Benefit from easy reward redemptions, including face-to-face, downloads, and shipping integrations
Community Box

Community Box

Connect Community Box

Create a membership directory and increase engagement with your community.

Automatically list students in your directory when they graduate—or list all enrolled students so they can find each other and begin networking amongst themselves!

This is for you if…
  • You need a way to organize student groups
  • You want a secure and private place for students to create profiles and engage with each other
  • You want to offer your brand advocates an easy way to interact with other students
It will help you...
  • Build and grow your membership community
  • Increase your members engagement by providing them with a beautiful membership directory
  • Allow students to add locations to a shared map
Hello Audio

Hello Audio

Connect Hello Audio

Create podcasts by converting video, audio and text files.

Take your digital content—your course, audiobook, masterclass, summit recordings, coaching calls, and more—and turn it into a private podcast feed that your customers can listen to on the go.

This is for you if...
  • Your students would like the option to listen to your course as a podcast
  • Your students are busy and need ways to learn on the go
  • You want to complement your course with another way to learn
It will help you...
  • Maximize the quality of your courses learning experience
  • Improve your course completion rates
  • Differentiate from the competition


Connect Zoom

Host live lessons right in the course player.

You can provide your students with live group sessions by scheduling a live lesson via Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, or directly in Thinkific.

This is for you if...
  • Your subject matter is best delivered live
  • You want to validate content before creating a course
It will help you…
  • Tailor lessons to your students and provide the most up-to-date content
  • Engage your students directly
  • Add a personal touch to your lessons


Connect Accredible

Automatically generate professional and secure certificates for your students.

Set up automatic emails to students when they receive a badge or certificate and even expire them automatically when the credential needs renewing.

This is for you if…
  • You need to issue professional certificates
  • You want certificates to be verifiable and secure
  • You need to scale and automate
It will help you...
  • Provide industry-leading digital certificates and badges
  • Customize certificates to your brand
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing process


Connect plaYEAH!

Encourage, reward and incentivize your students at just the right moment.

Create progress based in-course pop-ups like nudges, celebrations and promotions to keep them moving along their learning journey.

This is for you if…
  • You need to improve your course completion rates
  • Your students need support and encouragement
  • You’re looking for ways to cross-sell or upsell
It will help you…
  • Remind students how to get support
  • Encourage social sharing of their success
  • Upsell 1-on-1 coaching for specific courses

There you have it! We hope you found the app that you need to build out your unique vision for your course’s student experience. If not, stay tuned! The Thinkific App Store is growing, and more apps are on the way. Request an app »

Feeling social? Share your course building creativity with the community! Tell us what apps you’ve connected and how you’re using them to improve your course business.

Next up in this series: we introduce you to apps that will help you sell more courses!