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Are you looking to add audio, narration or voice-overs to your Powerpoint or Keynote slide presentations? This can now be done directly within Thinkific, and you can deliver it as part of your online course!

Often, simple is key. We’ve heard from many of you that you’d love to create your course by simply adding audio to your Powerpoint and Keynote slide presentations, without having to fight with technology in the process. So, we built it for you.

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  1. Save your slide presentation out of Powerpoint or Keynote as a PDF file
  2. Add a new presentation lesson type to your course, importing the PDF you just created
  3. Record audio narration slide by slide, directly within the system

And you’re done! With voice over powerpoint, students will be able to flip through your presentation slide by slide, and your audio will play automatically. This makes it super simple to convert existing presentations for your courses.


Since launching this, we’ve seen people creating online courses faster than ever. You’re able to go from PowerPoint to a complete online course without any extra tools or software. If you’ve already got a presentation ready to deliver, you can use Thinkific’s presentation tool to easily create an online course.

Sign up for a free account now to try it out today! Or if you’re already signed up, give our presentation tool a try and see how easy it is to create online courses.

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As a bonus, we’ve put together a free resource with the 5 Best Presentation Practices used by our most successful course creators.

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