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Tamara Thompson founded Serious Take Productions in 2012 and has built her creative video agency nationwide. Tamara received her degree in Filmmaking, and pursed her passion to bring stories to life in a creative, emotional and impactful way. She has won awards for her  documentary films, produced for large corporations such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Safeway and Gabriel Cosmetics, and has worked with top musicians from popular reality TV shows American Idol and NBC’s The Voice.

Tamara’s creative vision can help you pull the right story out for your brand, and she aims to help people gain the confidence to broadcast your authority with video and make a difference doing it. She enjoys cultivating relationships in the entrepreneurial space and is passionate about facilitating collaboration. 

Tamara lights up knowing each video her team has produced is meant to create a bigger impact, and drive results by building rapport with your ideal clientele.

We caught up with Tamara to learn more about her work in empowering women through film and how she has been able to grow her business through joint venture partnerships.

Watch the video below to learn Tamara’s strategies for creating engaging video content, how to identify and nurture the partnerships you need to grow, and why it’s time for women to stop underpricing their services.

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