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Students evaluating your course have lots of questions – is this course right for them, will they learn what they want to learn, and whether it’s a good investment among them. One of the fastest and easiest ways to ease their concerns is using social proof – confirmation that other people (just like them!) have made – and stood behind – the same decision.

Reading student testimonials is comforting for potential purchasers, and provides valuable insight into the answers to some pressing questions.

Reading student testimonials is comforting, and provides valuable insight for your online course purchaser Click To Tweet

We asked our product team if they could help us out with an easy way to add great looking testimonials to course descriptions, and they’ve delivered! With a few lines of code, you now have the ability to turn your favourite student feedback into reassuring social proof for your course landing pages.

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3 Ways to Encourage & Get Testimonials

  1. Ask! Adding a quick survey to the end of your courses can help you gather important insight from students that will help guide your course updates going forward. Was it too hot, too cold, or just right?
    At the same time, if you’re doing the right stuff, you’ll be hearing this through your feedback surveys. Don’t let that data go to waste – turn those comments into shared testimonials!
  2. Scour Twitter. Students who complete your course are prompted to tweet about it, and you might find you’ve already got some course love out there. It’s as close as a quick search.
  3. If you’re just starting out or your course is new, that’s OK! There are still great ways to add testimonials – think about feedback from in person sessions you’ve done, consulting work, or even glance at your LinkedIn reviews. A solid review about how you’re a great person to work with (even if the review was written about another experience with you) is a good place to start, until you have some course-specific comments to work with.


Ready to get styling? Visit our Knowledge base article with the step-by-step for achieving custom testimonial styles for your own landing page.