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How to Sell Online Courses Using Live Webinars

Free video series on how to host live webinars to sell your online courses, including the benefits of hosting live webinars and how to structure your presentation effectively.

In this free , you will learn:
  • Benefits of hosting live webinars
  • Summary of equipment and software required to host a live webinar
  • How to promote your webinar and maximize registrations
  • How to structure your webinar presentation
  • How to transition from teaching to selling during your presentation

Being live, right in front of the person that needs your online course is the key to successfully selling it. Obviously, you can’t be everywhere at once in-person, but by hosting your own webinar, you can scale up your sales efforts the smart way. By learning how to host, promote, and maximize reusability from your webinars, you can boost your online course sales and quickly build a mailing list. In this video series, we’ll walk you through why you need to start hosting webinars today (and how to do it).

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Live webinar checklist