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Starting your own business as a creator is an exciting exercise that can open new avenues of success and prosperity. Moreover, selling what you know and do best can be extremely fulfilling and help you achieve a state of entrepreneurial bliss. 

But, with so many online course creators and digital product sellers out there, the competition can be challenging. As customers and clients grow increasingly savvy in their approach, you constantly have to up your game to keep up with the rest.

To succeed in your business line, opting for mentoring, coaching, and personalized guidance always helps you get that extra edge. After all, there are tons of tried and tested rules and tips that successful business owners know, which could benefit you and help you achieve your potential faster.

We’ve made a list of 10 courses to help you start and build your own business and achieve the heights you deserve. Check it out:

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  1. Merchant Mastery Elite

Course Creator: Scott, Merchant Mastery

Duration: 8 weeks

Price: $4,800

Description: Although this course was designed to help you sell products on your Shopify store, it’s an invaluable source of knowledge for anyone who also wants to learn business skills. 

This eight-week program helps you to learn how to scale your online business and understand how conversion strategies, email marketing and online advertising work. 

You also learn how to build a sustainable and scalable approach that will help you transform your business into a money-making machine.

What you will learn: Specifically, you will learn how to build the basic structure of your online store. 

Then, you will learn how to use Google Analytics and Google Data Studio to develop your business. The next step is understanding how email marketing works and learning to avoid common problems such as abandoned cards and failed campaigns. 

You will also learn how to manage your Facebook ads and ensure you conquer your e-commerce strategy.

Skills you will gain: As you can see, this course is for more than just Shopify owners. You can use the knowledge you gain to learn how to run an online business without making the same mistakes other business owners do. It has everything you need to know to run and scale an online business. 

  1. Business and Entrepreneurship (Online & Arizona)

Course Creator: Independent Education Program

Duration: 40 lessons

Price: $450

Description: This course focuses on creating meaningful value and serving customers as a means to transform your business. This course distinguishes itself from the rest by emphasizing meaning creation and customer service. 

It consists of 40 lessons that focus on helping you build a business plan, conduct business concept research and gain problem-solving skills. 

In addition, this course emphasizes your customers and suggests treating them like heroes. It constantly reminds us that the customer is the king, and your business approach should focus on them more than anything else.

What you will learn: The course includes several case studies exploring other business owners’ successful strategies. 

For example, the course uses the examples of Koted Arms by Zach Wilhelmsen, The Joint by Troy Peterson, and  EMI Health by Payton Spencer. These business owners became successful because they discovered that customers are the most critical entity. 

Moreover, you’ll have several homework assignments to help reinforce everything you learned through the lessons.

Skills you will gain: Business and entrepreneurship is a valuable online course for business owners to understand how entrepreneurship is a powerful force in education. This is the right course for you if you’re an online course creator selling digital products. 

It teaches you how to treat your students like your customers who support your business. Most online course creators make the mistake of treating their students as students and not as paying customers. 

By helping you understand that your students are your customers, this course will enable you to think like an entrepreneur, constantly attracting growth and opportunities.

“This is one of the best business courses that I have signed up for. After completing this course, I can confirm that I no longer need another online course to learn about entrepreneurship and customer satisfaction” – Verified student.

  1. Hype Creative 3-Month Program

Course Creator: Shereene Manimala, Creative Hype Coach

Duration: 3 months

Price: $2,400

Description: Hype Creative Mentorship is run by Shereene Manimala, a well-known life coach and entrepreneur. Her course helps creative people to monetize their gifts instead of falling into the struggling artist trope. 

It’s specifically designed for people who know they’re very talented but cannot generate income from their talents. It is all about helping creative people find paying gigs, sharing their ideas for a price, and spreading their passion worldwide. 

The course’s mentorship program helps creative people hold themselves accountable to execute their ideas instead of getting distracted.

What you will learn: The program helps people to have a focused strategic plan and create a brand that is authentic and different. 

It allows people to find their niche and become confident in front of the camera, which is especially important while making videos for Instagram and TikTok. It also helps business owners to find a supportive community of creatives who vibe well with them. 

At the end of this course, you will learn business secrets and benefit from actionable coaching, including photo and video shoots, virtual sessions with Shereene, and video lessons.

Skills you will gain: This course is designed in the format of a mentorship that comes with a load of actionable activities. It helps you rebrand yourself and structure your life to channel your creativity into something you can monetize. 

You learn the art of avoiding distractions and using your imagination to your best advantage. 

With a re-branded you, you can finally achieve your true business potential.

  1. Business Essentials: The Beginning of Something GREAT!

Course Creator: Brian Diamond, The Academy

Duration: Upon request

Price: $499/month

Description: Many business owners are usually in a very lonely place. Although they may seem successful, they often need help to learn the trade tricks and figure out how to find time for themselves and be profitable. 

Realizing these everyday problems of many business owners and talented individuals, The Academy launched “Business Essentials: The Beginning of Something GREAT!” to help these individuals achieve more control, freedom and profit. 

This course allows people to learn how to run a business without spending day and night trying to figure out the mechanisms of business operations.

What you will learn: To begin with, this course helps you understand your “why” and create your painted picture. It also enables you to learn why you and your business need to stand alone and define your role within your own business. 

Then, it teaches you how to do accounts, determine your overhead costs, and maintain a consistent gross profit across all your channels. Most importantly, it teaches you the production pillar of your business and helps you with the knowledge to keep your pipeline full.

Skills you will gain: You’ll learn the skill of recruiting, training and developing essential human resources necessary to scale your business. You will also learn to track and measure your key performance indicators and build a team that works for you. 

At the end of this course, you will know how to keep your business thriving for a long time and have a sales and marketing plan to keep your pipeline full. 

In other words, if you want to become a business owner with lots of free time, this course will help you achieve your dreams.

“As a business owner, I struggled to find help and community. I didn’t know a lot of things about running businesses, and I was making the same mistakes that everyone else did. After enrolling in this course and gaining access to a supportive community, I can safely say that I no longer feel lonely, and I am enjoying my freedom and profits.” – Verified student

  1. Divine Feminine in Business

Course Creator: Beth, The Dolphin Rose Temple

Duration: 15 modules

Price: $1,111

Description: This course takes a different approach to building a successful business. It urges you to think of your business as a temple and helps you look at your dreams as a meditation. Consequently, this course is all about building your secret business temple, and the first module is named as such. 

You will learn to find your inner queen and king – the course creator is huge on balancing your feminine and masculine sides. 

This means:

  1. Developing an empathetic and nurturing side to your personality to help your customers.
  2. Being more analytical and practical in working out your business strategy. 

What you will learn: The course helps you understand how to build free community spaces. It teaches you how to build a Facebook group and answer questions from your communities. 

Then, the course helps you transmit your old beliefs and replace them with more adaptive and business-oriented ones. 

It also has several practical tips, such as writing call-to-action phrases, using branding to tap into consumer psychology, and attracting clients with your energy.

Skills you will gain: Carl Jung and other psychodynamic thinkers have inspired this course. It emphasizes meditation and finding a balance between masculine and feminine energies. 

In addition, it provides actionable skills that can help you build your business and efficiently serve your customers. 

All this may sound quirky, but in essence, it is quite a practical course that enables you to tap into your energies to become successful. 

“I never thought about my business as a temple that should be considered sacred. After taking the course, I learned to balance my masculine and feminine energies and how to be empathetic and analytical simultaneously. It taught me several practical skills that helped boost my revenue and profitability.” – Verified student

  1. The Business Alchemy Circle

Course Creator: Emily Cassel

Duration: 11 modules

Price: $5,000

Description: If you’re an online course creator looking to expand your freedom, improve your profitability, and flow in your business, this course can be a fit. 

This six-month business accelerator program is ideally suited for new and established women entrepreneurs. It’s designed for women in business but can also help men who need help. 

You could say its teachings are a cumulative effort of several businesswomen who share their knowledge, expertise and valuable guidance.

What you will learn: As women are often underrepresented in business circles, it equips women to find their inner potential and helps them develop workable entrepreneurial plans. 

It’s quite a good avenue to hone their business knowledge and expertise. Some of the topics that are covered include business management, wealth creation, and customer retention. 

Skills you will gain: This course allows you to think about a business community that shares knowledge and supports each other. 

At the end of this course, you will learn how to manage your business successfully. You will also learn how to support other entrepreneurs and receive help from them. 

However, please remember that much of the course content is targeted at women and may not apply to men.

  1. How To Make Your First Million On Youtube

Course Creator: Justin Tse

Duration: Upon request

Price: $299

Description: YouTube can be a money-making machine that helps you achieve your dreams as long as you create valuable, quality content. However, there is more to leveraging YouTube successfully, and not everyone can become successful, even if they make great content. This course helps you to understand how to use YouTube to make money.

With Justin’s unique perspective on technology, lifestyle, and the home industry, he has helped several people to utilize YouTube to get rich. It may interest you to know that he’s helped create content for some of the largest brands in the world. 

What you will learn: This course teaches you how to write the perfect pitch and negotiate with large brands for YouTube partnerships. It consists of more than eight hours of content, summary document, investment strategies and studies. This course is a total game changer if you want to use YouTube to get rich. You’ll learn how to trick YouTube algorithms and create a content strategy that helps you earn big bucks.

Skills you will gain: At the end of this course, you will learn how to work around YouTube algorithms and create content that appeals to your target audience. 

If you’re an online course creator, you will benefit significantly from the course as you can share your knowledge and make videos that appeal to your students. 

Moreover, you will learn how to forge partnerships with large brands that will pay you handsome rewards monetarily. 

In short, this course is perfect for any digital product seller who wants to generate both active and passive income on YouTube. 

  1. Business Basics  – Are You Ready to Be In Business?

Course Creator: Small Business Centres Ontario

Duration: Upon request

Price: Free if enrolling from Ontario, Canada

Description: This course helps people to get better at managing their business right from scratch. It is aptly named as it teaches all the basics you need to know if you want to run a business. 

Although the course is Canada-centric, others can benefit from it too. It helps you to find out if you’re ready to be in business to begin with. Then, it helps you research your idea and determine if it is relevant to your market. 

It also lets you discover which business structure suits you and your budget. This course lays out several business skills and tips in an easy-to-understand manner – all quite useful.

What you will learn: This course focuses on the practical problems that business owners face. For instance, it helps you to understand what government regulations you need to be aware of. It also equips you to understand business plans and how to write one for yourself. 

Finally, the course explores the topic of financing a business. This is crucial for business owners who do not have the means to support their organization. If you are looking for loans or grants, you must write a perfect business plan; this course will teach you that.

Skills you will gain: At the end of this course, you can expect to be familiar with various topics related to running a business. 

Starting from government regulations to understanding what a business plan is and how to finance it, this course covers it all. Most importantly, it helps you know if your business plan is workable and applicable in the market. 

It teaches you how to come up with a plan that is profitable and also sustainable in the long run. Consequently, this course is perfect for those who want to be business owners but need help knowing where to start. 

“I started this course with zero expectations but was shocked by the end of the course. I learned how to write a business plan and also strategize my ideas! This helps me to think like a business owner rather than someone who wants to start one. I highly recommend this course for beginners.” – Verified student.

  1. YESS Business Basics

Course Creator: ActionCOACH Foundation

Duration: 12 weeks

Price: Upon request

Description: You may have noticed that many youngsters are business owners these days. It is not uncommon to find teenagers on Tick Tock, Instagram, and YouTube making a lot of money by sharing their unique perspectives about the world. But how do they do this? 

If you are a youngster between the ages of 12 and 22, the YESS Business Basics course is fantastic. It introduces you to business basics and can be completed in 12 weeks or less. It teaches you to understand how to start a business, attract an audience, and monetize your idea. 

Most importantly, the course lets you determine if you are ready to be an entrepreneur and discard certain self-limiting beliefs.

What you will learn: YESS Business Basics begins with helping you get in the right mindset and rewiring your thought patterns once you start thinking like an entrepreneur. The course teaches you how to find fans who vouch for your work. 

Then, it provides you with five proven strategies for sales and marketing. In addition, it helps you to leverage your leadership skills and understand the loss of success. 

The course also probes into buying an existing business, selling it, and creating wealth. Weekly assignments, discussions, and exams keep you busy throughout the course.

Skills you will gain: ​​YESS Business Basics is perfect for youngsters who want to get rich by starting a business. If you are a youngster who still needs to learn how to create or sustain a business, this course gives you all the necessary information. 

In addition, you will learn how to manage your audience and make them pay for your products and services. At the end of the course, you will know how to create wealth and buy and sell businesses. 

These are skills that they’re not going to teach you at school. Consequently, courses such as these are essential for youngsters.

  1. Business Model Design (FULL LESSON)

Course Creator: Deonna Barnett, Aventi Academy of Entrepreneurship

Duration: Upon Request. Three modules. 

Price: $45

Description: The Business Model Design is one of this list’s most affordable business courses. It gives you a 30,000-foot view of your business and helps you determine its value and how you can operate it better. 

Most business owners need a realistic view of their business and its operations. As a result, they often make costly mistakes, which is why many businesses shut down very soon. 

This course steps right in to help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and find out how to make positive changes that will help you improve your business.

What you will learn: When you enroll in the course, you gain access to a video lesson that helps you learn how to design your business model. 

This video lesson is crucial for business owners who need insight into their weaknesses and strengths. A business model gives structure to your ideas and helps you identify where you need to be bolstered. 

The course also gives you a sample business model to write yourself. Do remember that having a robust business model is essential to attract investors.

Skills you will gain: At the end of The Business Model Design, you will understand what a business model is and how it differs from a business plan. Simple, but critical!

You will learn your strengths and weaknesses and how to improve your existing business to achieve profitability. 

Finally, you’ll learn to design your business model and ensure you can attract investors and customers to grow your business.

To succeed in your online course business, learn from professionals.

Running a business can be challenging. After all, it involves several risks and steps. With considerable competition and audience preferences evolving rapidly everywhere, it’s not the best bet to take it easy.

What can make a difference is improving your business management skills and marketing techniques. Moreover, learning how to generate insights and make accurate forecasts can help you scale up faster.

If you want to add the element of speed, you can’t do this alone. The best way to grow as a business owner is to learn from those who have already achieved it, and that comes from professional help!

Consider joining one of the courses above to fast-track understanding the nitty-gritty of running a business. 

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