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Brand new, high converting landing pages are now available in your Thinkific school!

Course landing pages are the primary selling platform for your online courses – your landing page is where students find out what they’ll be taught, and where they make the decision to purchase your online course.

Today, we are pleased to announce the official release of our newly designed landing pages designed solely to increase sales & signups for your online courses.

The new landing pages have gone through rigorous testing with our beta team. The confirmation is in – the new landing page gets the nod of approval from both instructors and students alike, and the numbers confirm they lead to more signups for your courses!

Actually, Thinkific landing pages have gotten even better with the introduction of Site Builder!

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Key features of the new pages include:

  • Clean design with primary tones pulled from your branding colours to ensure a consistent look with your brand
  • Clear call to action drives purchasers to signup for your course
  • Course description focus, making your sales copy the most important part of the page
  • More prominent instructor bio to start building trust and your relationship, with the option to add long-form copy and HTML to this section of your page