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For anyone who has spent time in a classroom, you know how helpful it can be to lean over and ask one of your fellow students a question, or even get their feedback on your work. Sure, it’s important to put up your hand and ask the teacher a question, but often your peers have a unique perspective that can add even more value to your learning experience. 

Now let’s imagine that classroom online. 

Student engagement is more than just likes and comments, and the learning experience you provide as a Creator is more than just your course. Keeping students engaged means giving them a reason to keep coming back, not only to learn from you, but also to connect with their like-minded peers. 

With that in mind, we’ve improved how your Community members can get noticed and start connecting with one another. We’re excited to introduce Profiles and Mentions in the Communities feature, putting faces to names and creating a dynamic, approachable communal learning environment.

thinkific community

We did this to foster a safe and transparent psychological space for genuine connections to be created between members of your learning community. And as a Creator, you maintain control of your Community and its data with privacy as a priority, free of unnecessary ads or algorithms, so that content can be shared freely and purposefully in the spirit of education.

Learn more about Profiles & Mentions

Profiles make it easy for students to share a bit about themselves with their Community, and to find and learn about other members. 

Mentions allow students to tag another member in response to a post, or directly communicate with one another. This creates lively conversations in a dynamic online environment—giving your students a reason to keep coming back.

Stay tuned for many more updates on Thinkific Communities. We have some very exciting things underway and can’t wait to share them with you!

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