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Every entrepreneur’s journey starts with an idea. As a YouTuber, building that idea into a viable business takes time, experimentation, and continuous learning about new ways to monetize your content.

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If you’re looking to fast-track your success in building a business around your YouTube channel, this interview with Sunny Lenarduzzi is one you won’t want to miss.

Sunny is a video marketing consultant and online course creator, who helps businesses thrive using social media and video marketing strategies. We sat down with Sunny to hear her story of how she’s grown her business, and how online courses have helped increase her earnings and scale.

Watch the video below to hear how Sunny built a million-dollar business around YouTube using online courses, and strategies to do the same in your business.

Buiding A Business Through Online Courses

Sunny began a career in broadcasting before she redirected and decided to pursue entrepreneurship.

Realizing that her ‘dream’ career was not all it was cracked up to be, she stepped off the beaten path to start her own business. Things started out small at first, growing an online magazine into a recognized brand with a team of 10, leveraging YouTube and social media. That’s when people started to take notice.

Sunny started getting questions about how she built her brand so quickly with no paid advertising, and how they could replicate the same success. From there she started to consult with a handful of companies, helping them carve a strategy to hit their own business goals.

She worked for four years as a consultant, growing her roster of clients while developing the methodology behind her success with YouTube marketing. Soon enough, she was booked solid. While business was booming, Sunny was fast approaching burn-out and unable to take on any new clients.

Out of frustration, Sunny began searching for a way to serve her clients in a more efficient and scalable way. Noticing that many of her clients were asking the same questions, she decided to create video tutorials on highly requested topics and share them with her clients on YouTube.

Uploading helpful videos on YouTube started to attract views, subscribers, and a large audience on the platform, which saw even more requests for consulting roll in.

Seeing the effectiveness of coaching groups of clients online, Sunny made an important discovery: online courses were the answer to her challenge with scale, and provided a huge opportunity to monetize her ever-growing social following.

Today, Sunny runs two successful online courses on Thinkific. YouTube for Bosses is a self-study course on how to fast-track your growth and audience on YouTube. The other, Authority Accelerator, is for business owners with a product or service to sell, who want to create an evergreen stream of leads, while building their authority and impact on autopilot.

To hear more of Sunny’s story on how she built her business, her method for creating online courses, and how to monetize your YouTube, check out the video above!

Connect with Sunny at and on YouTube.

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