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Stunning Co Integration

Who out there is looking to lose a bunch of money? What about spending time tracking down late payments or manually updating students’ credit cards because they’re expired?

No one? Didn’t think so 🙂 That’s why we’ve created an integration designed to help you retain more of your Thinkific site subscription revenue.

When you spend hours upon hours designing and building out your course, promoting sign-ups and otherwise creating a delightful course experience for your students, you don’t want to waste any more time worrying about billing roadblocks. If you’re a Thinkific course creator, you hope to see your hard work pay off and strive to generate as much income as possible—course payments and subscriptions help keep your business profitable.

Cat Rolling in Money
Working hard to make that cash #lifegoals

Focus more on the content and people who matter to your business, and less on managing your incoming payments with our new Stunning integration! If you’re using Stripe to collect subscription payments, you can now connect a Stunning account to help recover more revenue. Whether you’ve had issues managing student payments in the past, or just want to avoid encountering the problem in the first place, this new integration might be for you.

Stunning can automatically provide you with:

Smart Retries

When a payment fails, Stunning can intelligently pick the best alternative time to retry the credit card—giving you the highest chance of recovering that revenue quickly.

Pre-Dunning and Dunning Emails

Before your students’ credit cards expire, Stunning can try to update their information proactively. If that doesn’t work, your students can be emailed to give them a chance to do it themselves. And, if their card still fails to be successfully charged at billing time, emails can be sent out to the student to help them get back on track for keeping access to your course.

In-App Notification Bar

Similar to the emails above, students will see notifications right in the course, so it’s super clear to them that they need to take action when it comes to their credit card!

Welcome and Cancellation Emails

Want to send specific messages to new paying students, or those that decide to end their subscription with you? Stunning allows you to customize what you deliver. Engage your students from the very beginning!

How To Set Up Your Stunning Integration

Those are just a few of the standard activities Stunning can help with—if you want to find out more about what it can do, visit! Once you’re set up with a Stunning account and ready to start recovering more revenue, here are the quick steps to take to get it connected to Stripe and Thinkific:

1. You’ll first need to ensure you are collecting payments via Stripe and have that integration set up.

2. Then, go into your Stunning account and find your app key. This is found under Stunning’s App Settings -> Notification Bar—look for the value of your ‘data-app-ckey’, as seen here:

Stunning Interface

3. Copy and paste your Stunning app key into the Integrations section of your Thinkific site.

Stunning Integration

Now your students will be automatically notified when they need to update their credit card details, or if there are other issues with their billing. You can also configure any number of other Stunning features, like the emails we listed above!

Stunning In-App

How much do you expect you’ll save by using Stunning to help collect your subscriptions or payment plans?

Log in to your Thinkific account to add Stunning now, or create a new one:

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