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Growing the reach of your expertise with online courses is a no brainer.

You know that.

…But your expertise is in your specific niche, not online education.

So, how do you quickly convert your expert knowledge into marketable courses?

Built from the ground up using learning best practices, course templates from Thinkific help you quickly organize your ideas into courses your audience will love.

Build with learning best practices

There’s a huge wealth of knowledge about learning online which can be overwhelming. You need a partner that’s laser-focused on online education to ensure that you’re maximizing the potential of your expertise.

Get started faster

Leverage Thinkific’s years of research and experience in online courses to organize your ideas and quickly turn your expert knowledge into courses students will love!

Each of the templates contains a set of lessons assembled by learning best practices. There’s an instructional lesson at the beginning of each template to help you make the best use of it.

Choosing a template


Pre-selling is a technique used to achieve market validation for a course topic. That means getting interest in the form of sign-ups or revenue before creating or finalizing your content.

You can save time and money by proving that your course has an audience willing to enroll before actually building all the content.


A mini-course can be used as a lead magnet or a lead qualifier that helps attract students who might be interested in a larger course down the road.

If you’re building an audience, a mini-course can be a valuable resource that your target audience can get excited about enrolling in. Typically they’re low-risk online courses, meaning they don’t cost much and require only a small time commitment.

Students who enjoy this course are then more likely to enroll in another bigger, or more expensive, course from you.

Flagship Course

A flagship course is the product you’re known for as a course creator — a valuable and prestigious source of education for your target audience.

It’s best for course creators who want to produce a definitive, often expensive, resource for their area of expertise. Flagship courses are typically bundled with bonuses like other courses, extra services like coaching, or with physical products. They can have multiple price points and comprehensive brands all to themselves.

Students for this course have likely seen other, smaller knowledge products (e.g. mini-courses, ebooks, blog posts, podcasts).  They’re committing to a larger, more intense educational experience because they trust your expertise and are looking for a transformation in their lives.

Webinar Replay

This isn’t an online course, but a way to host and deliver a webinar replay to your audience for free or after proceeding through a secure checkout.

After delivering a webinar, attendees typically hear your pitch and evaluate the offer. Watching a webinar replay helps attendees review the offer, and delivers the pitch to anyone who missed the live presentation.

Presenting your webinar replay within a course, with some supplementary material, is a good way to enhance the experience for your audience — and stand out from the crowd — rather than just throwing a buy button next to a video player.

Digital Download

Also not a course, but a method of delivering a different kind of knowledge product. A digital download is a file that can be purchased or downloaded after opting into a mailing list.

This is for anyone who has put together a digital knowledge product like an ebook, podcast, video series, presentation, infographic, etc. and wants to sell it or collect emails with it.

Like with webinar replays, presenting your download in a course is a good way to enhance your audience’s experience.

Membership Resource Library

A resource library — a group of resources to be included in a membership bundle — can be offered as a bonus or perk as part of a membership subscription offer.

Membership sites often include access to a resource library. It’s a repository for useful information, tools, or other resources that aid students in learning and practicing what you’re teaching

No matter your area of expertise, you need a trusted partner to help you engage your audience with online education.

Course templates from Thinkific help you organize your ideas and convert your expert knowledge into marketable courses quickly.

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