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A roundup of new features and improvements

It’s been a busy summer for us here at Thinkific’s now virtual HQ! Over the past few months we’ve added dozens of new engineers, designers, and customer support peeps to serve you better and to build out the features and experience you need to be successful.

So without further ado, here are some of the ways we’ve been working to make your Thinkific experience even better.

Live Lessons with Zoom

This has been one of the most popular feature requests and something that we’re very excited to share!

Live Lessons with Zoom allow you to build interactive learning experiences by creating Zoom meetings directly within your Thinkific course. You can now quickly schedule, set up and deliver interactive video lessons all without leaving Thinkific.

This also means that all your reporting will be integrated in one place, giving you a holistic view of your students’ progress and completion rates.

This is a Pro-level feature, but we will be making it available on all plans until December 31st 2020.

Connect with your students through Intercom

 We are excited to announce our new integration with Intercom (by Intercom is a live chat tool that allows you to interact directly with your site visitors and enrolled students.

This new integration seamlessly connects your Thinkific and Intercom accounts giving you the full context of who you are chatting with and the ability to manage their account (add or remove them from courses) without navigating away.

You can now view student details and manage enrollments directly with the new Intercom integration
You can now view student details and manage enrollments directly with the new Intercom integration


Gone are the days of switching tabs and constantly searching for students and their courses during conversations— the new integration brings your student data directly into the conversation, meaning happier students and more course sales! Install the new Intercom app today here »

Improved User Experience

We understand that features are only as useful as your ability to actually use them! At Thinkific we’re always striving to make your experience more seamless and our product more intuitive. To that end we’ve made a few important changes:

1. A better Site Builder

In addition to the courses themselves, Site Builder is where you can create personalized pages to sell your classes and/or offer members-only content.

  • You can now start editing your website directly from the live preview — just click the section you want and jump right in.
Screen Recording 2020-06-22 at AM
You can now edit your site from live previews
  • Choosing a destination for your landing page buttons is now much clearer and easier. More info here »
  • You can now reorder custom fields in your sign up form.
    Custom fields allow you to capture important information about your customers when they sign up. Previously, once you had set the fields in your form you could not rearrange them without losing data. Now you can drag and drop the fields as and when you wish!

2. A clearer picture of what your students see

We have improved preview functionality to make it easier for your to see your courses from your student’s perspective. Now you have three options of how to view your course:

View your courses as your students do with the improved preview feature


  • Preview current lesson: This will display the lesson that you currently have selected in the Course Builder. If the lesson is a draft, you will be able to see it for testing purposes.
  • Preview all course lessons: This will show you all of your lessons starting from the very first lesson in the course. If any lessons are draft, you will be able to see them for testing purposes.
  • Preview course as an enrolled student: This will show you all of your lessons starting from the very first lesson in the course. Just like how a student would experience your course, if any lessons are draft, you will not be able to see them!

3. New Quiz & Survey Reporting by Student

Many creators choose Thinkific specifically for our powerful assessment features, like Quizzes, Assignments and Surveys. However, until now it was quite cumbersome to find all those assessments for a single student.

You can now lookup quiz and survey results by user

Now you can find a “Quiz & Survey” tab within each student’s profile. Here you can see each individual’s performance across all the courses they’re enrolled in. You can now:

  • See all Quizzes and Surveys your student has completed
  • See scores for each quiz
  • Download a CSV of all individual answers

4. Improved Coupon Management

Coupons are a powerful and versatile tool that allow you to offer special discounts or even make B2B sales, charging a single group rate and then issuing 100% off coupons for redemption.

We made a few small tweaks to make using and managing your coupons even easier:

  • You can use a search bar to look up specific coupon codes
  • You can now view the total quantity and remaining coupons all in one handy table