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Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books where you got to decide how to proceed and where to go next?

Sometimes online learning is a lot like that.

You want students to be able to explore your course content however they want — hopping in and out of the lessons that are most valuable to them. This can be super valuable if your course caters to people who might start with different knowledge levels or success outcomes, or if your lessons or chapters are discrete chunks of knowledge in the larger ragu that is your course.

…But other times, you know that a structured, linear path will lead to better outcomes for your students. This is great when you’re providing foundational knowledge early in a course, and each subsequent chapter builds further on that foundation. You want to make sure a student understands the rules of the game before you teach them how to win.

This has been possible with scheduled drip content over a time period, but not based on your students’ progression through your content.

In that case, you want to lock future lessons based on a student’s completion of specific pieces of your content. Using a quiz, for example, to gauge your students’ comprehension and preparedness for the next piece of your content.

You can now easily create locked lessons and linear learning paths with prerequisite lessons from Thinkific

Prerequisite lessons allow you lock future chapters based on lesson completion.

Let’s say, for example, that students in your course need to understand basic addition and subtraction before they can move on to more complicated division and multiplication.

You can add a quiz at the end of either the addition and subtraction chapters, set it as a prerequisite, and your students will have to achieve a passing grade before proceeding to the subsequent chapters on division and multiplication.

This way, you can ensure that students get the foundational knowledge they need to be successful through your course.

With Thinkific, you can now choose on a course-by-course (or chapter-by-chapter) basis what’s best for your students’ success – whether that’s progressing through the content how they choose, or requiring them to unlock future chapters based on lesson completion (or over time, with scheduled drip content).

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