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Social media makes it incredibly easy for coaches to grow their professional following. Branding, marketing, and discovery tools are all just a click away when using hashtags, stories, reels, and targeted posts.

Coaches, influencers, small businesses, and fortune 500 companies alike have taken to the internet to promote their products and have garnered a dedicated viewership that follows and interacts with their content. Life coaches can utilize the power of social media to do the same!

At this intersection of technology and information, life coaches can provide vital guidance and direction to their clients. So why not utilize social media as an additional tool to do just that? 

Let’s explore four valuable techniques for making your social media work for you, and attracting your ideal coaching clients across platforms. 

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Social Media Guide

Learn their language

Now that you have your page created, the first thing to think about is speaking to your audience. As a life coach managing social media, it is important to know who’s out there and how to interact with them in a way that is relevant and relatable. In our ever-changing landscape of popular sounds, memes, and trending topics, keeping one’s finger on the pulse of pop culture, news, and business is essential to being able to relate to viewers and potential clients effectively.

 The language that we speak is now a layered blend, and to survive in the social media landscape, one must learn it, perfect it, and add to it. In this case, life coaches add to this language by using their unique set of skills and making them appealing within the scope of internet conversation.

 This can look like offering free advice to the tune of a catchy song or posting an original inspirational quote with an eye-catching graphic. Check out what’s popular and put your fresh spin on it. 

Another way of speaking to your audience is by simply showing up and being you! In this early stage of finding your ideal clients, most building relationships is done online. As such, people typically enjoy knowing that they’re interacting with real people, and not robots with agendas. 

Film a few videos and let your followers see the real you! Viewers will always want to know that they can relate to you and how they relate to you so that moving forward, they feel more comfortable sharing with you and learning from you in a professional setting. 

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The best way to attract ideal clients is to research the kinds of problems and desires that you’d imagine them having. You can do this by studying other reputable coaches’ platforms and searching through their followers’ and clients’ commentary on certain topics. Usually, this will be in the comments section of informative or interactive posts. Another way to conduct this research while also engaging your social media followers is to make interactive posts of your own! 

One of the major benefits of the comments section is that you’re able to obtain authentic feedback in real-time. The same is true for interactive story posts. You can make polls, create quizzes, and add question bars so that your followers are able to tell you what they like, dislike, want to learn, want to see more of, etc. In effect, you’ll have your very own focus group completely free.

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Organize and target

Another technique for attracting your ideal coaching clients online is to set up your content calendar for targeted posts. Organization in posting is everything. It can become extremely overwhelming to manage social media pages today. 

We live in a time where the market in social entertainment is deeply saturated and because of this, we are constantly inundated with an overwhelming amount of content. To this effect, and in order to avoid burnout, it’s all about pace and organization. The key is to nail down your weekly topics, incorporate trendy, eye-catching aspects for media and editing and set a few hours aside to batch your materials. 

That is, record, photograph, and prepare your written captions for the week all in one fell swoop. This may take only a few hours or an allotted day. After that, you can easily schedule for pre-prepared content to be released during the peak viewing hours on your social media pages. This is setting up a content calendar! If you’re feeling extra inspired, you can even go as far as to plan for the whole month, and beyond.

Targeting your posts ties in perfectly with this practice. Once you’ve tacked down the specific niche that you wish to operate in and have done research on potential clientele, targeting your posts becomes far more streamlined. You know exactly who your audience is and which kind of media they gravitate toward. Thus, you are able to gear your content toward them accordingly. With this firm understanding, organizing and batching content, as aforementioned, is a breeze.

Consistency and growth

Similarly to creating a content calendar and formulating targeted posts, the last thing to discuss is how to grow your page organically with consistent content. Posting consistently is absolutely critical for upward mobility in social media. 

As previously stated, social media is extremely saturated with a myriad of content. Ironically, due to this very fact, the consumer demand for new content on social media is at an all-time high. This is because the current content volume has become our baseline, and this pace must be maintained in order to keep active users and followers continually entertained. 

The good news, however, is that with this, there are always potential new clients to interact with. You can even use this standard of consistency in viewership to garner more followers and more potential clients for your business. In order to do so, you have to post as consistently as posts are being viewed. 

Posting frequently keeps you relevant. Seeing your content multiple times per week keeps you at the forefront of your followers’ attention and increases the likelihood that they will engage with you both on and off of social media. 

It also increases the likelihood that they tell their friends, comment, like, share, and save your posts. Interaction with your posts in this way communicates to the algorithms on these platforms that they should promote your content on their end via Explore pages and suggestions. This is how posting consistently prompts organic growth. 

Attracting your ideal coaching clients is possible. All it takes is some strategic planning on your part and you’re well on your way. Which of these four methods do you plan on trying next?

Social Media Guide