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As a course creator, your audience count on you to be an expert in your field — including sharing your knowledge and empowering your students.

…But on top of the knowledge that you share with your students, an integral part of a great student experience is great instructional design.

What is Instructional Design and why is it important?

Instructional design means creating “instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing.” (from Reclaiming instructional design)

At its core, instructional design means making learning easier, and more interesting / attractive to your students.

Good instructional design is important because it provides your students a better experience and increases their likelihood for success.

Successful students will take more of your courses (and/or continue opting into your subscriptions/memberships) and be the biggest advocates for you content.

Successful students = successful course creators

Introducing Thinkific Smart Coaches

You probably already know that the Thinkific Support Team is the best in the business — always there with a helping hand and a thoughtful response when you have a question. And you might already know that everyone (yes, everyone!) at Thinkific gets stuck in answering your questions every week.

In our continued effort to deliver the best support possible, you will now see Thinkific team members sharing key instructional design tips right in the Course Builder, where you add your content to create your online courses.

…But wait, what makes them smart?

Well, you’ll only see the tips when there’s an opportunity for you to adjust your content to improve your students’ experience.

Smart Coach instructional design tip

Thinkific is built from the ground up with student success at its core and our teams are laser focused on continuing to evolve our platform in ways that ensure your students have a great learning experience.

That means, you can focus on your area of expertise and count on us to help make sure your content is organized in a way that students will love (and recommend).