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In this 6 part series of articles and videos about marketing with YouTube, I will show you how…

My YouTube channel generates an additional $3,000 to $5,000 each month in sales for my online course. I’ll give you a step by step guide to copying my process for growing your audience and generating online course sales with YouTube.

Note – I shared a draft of this post with a few clients and within a few days they saw great results including increases in YouTube engagement and course sales. 

Also, I’ve put together a short checklist / summary to keep you on track. Get the Checklist here.

My success in online course marketing with YouTube comes despite the fact that, my channel has only 15 videos and under 1,600 subscribers. And, although I haven’t updated the channel or posted a new video in over 2 years, it continues to produce a consistent supply of students who purchase my online course. This generates a steady stream of passive revenue while growing my audience. What that tells us is, not only is YouTube a great place to promote courses, but it’s also a great way to set up your passive revenue stream from online course sales. In this article I’ll give you a list of key steps you can follow to improve your exposure and sales on YouTube.Check out this guide to YouTube marketing for online course sales. - Increases sales by 30%+ Click To Tweet

Here’s what we cover here:

    • Why is YouTube a great marketing channel
    • Exactly what to include in your videoa step by step approach
    • The steps that lead from YouTube video to a sale
    • Optimizing your videos
    • Popularity – the elements that will increase your video’s popularity
    • Relevance – how to increase relevance of your video for more views and conversions

Audience Research Workbook

In order to help you through this I’ve put together a quick summary checklist. It doesn’t cover everything in these articles but it’s a handy reference guide to keep you on track.

First let’s look at a few things about YouTube and why it makes a great marketing platform for online courses.


Why YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Next to… you guessed it, Google. YouTube sees over 3 Billion searches a month and while many of those are for cute cats or gangnam style videos plenty of them are people looking to learn something. This gives you an opportunity to share some knowledge on YouTube, which can then drive visitors to your actual online course.

Not only is YouTube bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined, (when it comes to monthly searches), your videos will also show up in regular Google searches. So if your training videos are on YouTube, people searching on YouTube, or regular Google search can find them.

That’s some impressive exposure and a great opportunity to promote your online expertise. And as I mentioned earlier I’ve personally leveraged YouTube to generate an additional $3,000 to $5,000 each month in sales for my online course. Here’s how I did that…

We’ll start by looking at the general strategy for posting on YouTube, and driving leads from YouTube to your course and then I’ll give you essential steps to get better exposure on YouTube.

What this article is NOT about:

What I won’t cover in this article is paid advertising. That’s not to say paid video ads aren’t a great way to promote your videos and get more views and sales. For this discussion we’ll focus on maximizing your free YouTube Marketing Strategy.

I also won’t cover virality or viral videos. Viral videos can lead to amazing results but that’s a whole different game. We’ll focus on a step by step approach to help even boring videos lead to sales. (and trust me, some of my videos were exceptionally boring – but they gave people what they wanted and led to significant monthly sales)

What we’re going to focus on here is some clear steps you can take to increase your YouTube views and, as a result, your Conversions.

Let’s dive in and learn about increasing your exposure and sales with YouTube – a Step by Step approach.

Increase online course sales by 30%+ by marketing with YouTube! Check out this feature series Click To Tweet

Next up…  Part 2: Increasing the Exposure of your YouTube videos.

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