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For some, earning money on YouTube seems like a far fetched dream.

But it can definitely become a reality for you in 2020.

As long as you have what Dan Currier calls, the marathon mindset.

Dan runs a YouTube channel called Creator Fundamentals, which focuses on simplifying ways you can grow your own channel. He is YouTube Certified in channel growth and content ownership, and has been sharing tips and strategies on his platform for the last two years, growing his channel to over 3,400 subscribers and 1.8 million views.

Today, he’ll share with you from his own experiences, how you can effectively grow your YouTube channel and what pitfalls to watch out for along the way. Watch to learn more here:

Cultivating The Marathon Mindset For YouTube Success

Dan firmly believes that succeeding with YouTube monetization comes down to having 90% mindset. According to Dan, there are three pillars making up this mindset:

1) Persistence

Once you get started, you want to continue creating content. Don’t get distracted or think that you’re not making any progress and decide to give up before results start to show.

2) Consistency

Be consistent in the way you approach your content creation and how frequently you share it. You also want to show up as consistent in your branding and in the overall message that you’re sharing.

3) Patience

Often people idolize the results they see other people achieve, without realizing the work, effort and time it takes to get there. In the case of YouTube content creators, it’s tempting to get impatient seeing everyone else seemingly grow their audience and monetize their channel.

Rather than playing the comparison game by obsessing over metrics such as subscribers and views, Dan recommends that YouTube creators focus on getting 100 videos out on the platform.

The bottom line? You need to view your YouTube strategy not as a destination, but as a process that’s constantly improving.

Focus Is Key

Focus forms an essential part of the marathon mindset.

What this looks like is niching down your topic and audience.

In other words, you need to understand what you’re going to make your content about, who you’re going to make it for, and stay as focused as possible on that topic.

This is often quite difficult in practice. To help stay focused, Dan suggests deciding what you’re going to do with your content, and then writing down into 1-2 sentences.

Think of this as your mission statement. 

A common mistake Dan sees YouTube creators make is subscribing to what Dan calls the ‘something for everyone’ mentality. This is where people try to cater to a wide audience by creating as many different types of content as possible.

This only leads to becoming a master of none, and shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to growing our YouTube channel.

How to Approach Content Creation

With a laser focus on what content you’ll create, it’s time to dive into some strategies for creation and promotion.

Dan’s first suggestion is to have a consistent schedule.

As part of this, you’ll need to decide what’s realistic for you in ensuring you can stick to the schedule for the long term. You don’t want to let your ambitions get the better of you, and end up burning yourself out trying to pump out a ton of content that saps away your soul. Remember, it’s about the long-term, not the short-term (i.e. the marathon mindset).

The second thing is to plan your content in advance before you even click record.

Instead of just ‘winging it’ by picking up a camera and shooting whatever comes to mind, it’s important to focus on understanding exactly what your audience needs or wants, and deliver that to them.

Focus on solving problems and answering common questions – once you have a good idea of how to do those, you can start shooting your videos and teaching online.

And in due time, you’ll not only grow your audience. You’ll also establish yourself and your personal brand as an authority in your space.

For more tips and strategies in growing your channel and cultivating the 90% mindset, watch Dan’s video!

Optimizing Your Content For Search

Another method for generating and planning topic ideas for your content is keyword research.

Keyword research is where you get an understanding of what people are actually searching for in terms of the types of questions they have, and the problems they’re trying to solve.

By identifying these, you can then frame your video content to answer their questions and solve their problems (hint: this also helps you with refining your online courses!).

As a result, you’re guaranteed to be adding value to your audience, which helps with all aspects of being noticed and rewarded by YouTube’s algorithm.

In Dan’s video, he runs through a screen share demonstration of how exactly you can research keyword phrases that will help you rank higher on searches. He also shows you exactly how you can identify which phrases are being searched the most, and which plugins he recommends.

Watch the video above to learn how you can target the best keyword phrases for your YouTube videos!

Present Yourself With Authority

As Dan says, it’s one thing to get a video in front of somebody that delivers value to them. But it’s another thing altogether to actually draw that person into your channel, get them to subscribe, click that bell and watch future content.

So far, you’ve learned strategies on how to ensure you deliver value in your videos. This section is about making sure you’re presenting yourself as an authority in your space.

Beyond the basics in physically looking presentable on camera (e.g. clothes, makeup, lighting etc.), Dan recommends four authority building strategies:

1) Cohesive Branding

The first is to be consistent in the way you brand your entire channel.

This starts by nsuring all you channel art (e.g. your channel icon, thumbnails, etc.) are all consistent and look similar.

Your goal is for a viewer to be able to instantly recognize your videos by your unique channel art.

2) Convey Your Value

This is the second layer of your cohesive branding.

Make sure that you clearly present who you are, what you do and why your audience should care as part of your channel art and overall branding.

The good news is, if you’ve followed the steps from the sections above and really nailed down who you’re making content for, this should come easy.

3) Informative Over Flashy

One point to make about your brand is to understand that your channel art will develop and evolve over time.

Instead of making the common mistake of spending time and money on creating something that’s flashy, you want to focus on being informative and get the message across of who you serve and what you do for them.

4) Repetition Builds Awareness

This point builds on point #1 about cohesive branding.

By creating thumbnails that are consistent in text, color, and style, you can build awareness of your channel, even if viewers don’t click.

People frequently need to see something multiple times before it really clicks with them. The more videos you have that feature thumbnails representing your brand consistently, the more awareness they’ll have of you.

This awareness can go a long way in helping you grow your brand and audience on YouTube.

Dan shares more tips thumbnail design and development in his video – watch to learn more!

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Be An Active Contributor

Above all, the most fundamental thing to keep in mind is to be an active contributor.

You want to be known as the person who goes out of their way to help everyone else.

The more you are out in the community delivering your value without ever asking for anything in return, the more people will search you out, find your content and subscribe to your channel.

Have the marathon mindset and you’ll find yourself growing your audience, increasing your views and earning money on YouTube by selling online courses in no time.

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